An in-the-moment podcast discussing current events affecting K-12 public education in California.

Designed to supplement the great professional development offered by CASBO in each of our disciplines, our newest podcast will feature topics that you can return to again and again when you need more information on any particular subject.

CASBO members are the trusted authorities in school business, so visit this site often to hear more of your colleagues’ voices as they share their wealth of knowledge and school business perspectives on issues affecting public education in California!

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A journey through the surprisingly fascinating world of schools, money, and California’s future.

This series is for everyone who works in and around education — plus anyone who wants to learn more about what drives the most important institutions in every local community: our public schools. From local educators, students, parents, and administrators — to education advocates, researchers and capitol insiders — we seek out the perspectives and stories of those who have had a hand in shaping school funding, and all those who are touched by it.

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