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Episode 14: Purchasing Power

Purchasing departments across the state are dealing with supply shortages, price increases, and contracting new services to deal with the pandemic in addition to meeting the usual needs of schools in a year that was supposed to open more normally–but didn’t. We talk to three experts on how they are addressing these problems and what advice they have for districts to overcome these challenges.

Leeann Errotabere, Former CASBO President, Director of Purchasing – Clovis Unified School District
Sharon Clay, Director, Purchasing, Warehouse & Duplicating Services – Cajon Valley
Tony Crapo, Director of Purchasing & Support Services – Sequoia Union High School District

Episode 13 – Rethinking Special Education Funding

The way California provides funding for students with disabilities has not changed in decades and is the largest remaining categorical program in the state.  WestEd has been researching alternatives that could provide more efficiency in how existing resources are distributed to school districts along with better accountability to enhance services and improve outcomes for students.  The WestEd study on special education finance has been released.  We talk to one of the study authors on their findings and recommendations to rethink the state’s funding model and align it with other current accountability systems.

Jason Willis, Director, Resource Planning, WestEd

Episode 12 – Food for Thought

While most of California has moved “Beyond the Blueprint,” it is anything but business as usual for schools.  This summer, we will highlight the challenges in different areas of school business as we prepare for full reopening this fall.  In Nutrition Services, in-person service will continue under the current USDA waivers.  We talk to three CASBO members about what this will mean for their programs, what logistics issues they are dealing with, and the big news from Sacramento this week on the deal reached to continue no-cost meals for all students next year.

Jennifer Marrone, Food & Nutrition Services Business Manager, San Diego Unified School District, CASBO State Director
Ralph Peschek, Chief Business Officer, William S. Hart Union High School District, CASBO Legislative Committee Member
Dominic Machi, Director of Food & Nutrition Services, Mt. Diablo Unified School District, CASBO State Nutrition Services Professional Council Chair

Episode 11 – May Revise

Following a week of good news for education, the governor released the May Revision to his 2021-22 budget proposal. CASBO’s advocates, Sara Bachez and Elizabeth Esquivel discuss the highlights in the budget and the outlook for increased funding and programs.

Sara Bachez, CASBO Chief Governmental Relations Officer
Elizabeth Esquivel,  CASBO Senior Director of Policy & Governance