Our Premier Educational Program for California’s School Business Leaders

Held only once a year, our educational program is the premier professional development opportunity for CBOs and executive-level administrators to hear relevant, up-to-the-minute topics in school business.

Join us for the one-day pre- or post-conferences, the intensive two-day Symposium* … or a combination of the three!

Our comprehensive program consists of sessions that include leadership training, economic and legislative updates, networking activities, and more, delivered to you by nationally renowned keynote speakers and expert panels of thought leaders in school business.

It’s the learning you need to make the best short- and long-term decisions for your schools — and your students!

*CBO Symposium itself is open by invitation only to select LEA leaders.

Need assistance with CBO Symposium or access to prior-year presentations?

Lori Smith

Director, Conference & Events


(916) 504-2241