During the pandemic, we all had to practice inordinate amounts of patience — waiting for that family birthday or holiday when we could again hug family and friends, that Friday evening when we could dine out or see a show, that Saturday morning when we could grocery-shop with ease. Whether in our business or personal lives, we’ve all had that painful experience in common.

And here at CASBO, and in the business of school operations, we’ve all had to wait for that day when we could get together again to learn, to grow, to network — in short, to continue working side by side, building the careers and local education agencies in furtherance of those we ultimately serve — California’s students, families and communities.

But today, we’re beyond happy to tell you that that day is almost here: For the first time in over 18 months, we’re holding one of our certification training programs IN PERSON! We’re thrilled to announce that the next session of our Transportation Leadership Academy (TLA) will be held at a real, live venue here in Northern California, beginning August 20, 2021.

Yes, you heard that right … We’re finally going to get to hang out with the three-dimensional people we’ve come to know and love at CASBO! And we think you’ll find it to be worth the wait. Here are just a few of the things that prior attendees have said about our TLA:

“The course structure allowed instructors ample time to cover their topics extensively …. Additionally, the opportunity to network with my cohort in an intensive, yearlong learning environment was unparalleled.”Anton Q. Lotter, Assistant Director of Transportation, Poway Unified School District

“As a novice to the industry, I found the course to be informative, diverse and rigorous. In these busy times, we are careful in the expenditure of our time … the course was worth every moment.”Scott Maccarthy, Manager, Maintenance, Operations and Transportation, Garden Grove Unified School District

“CASBO provided an amazing 10-month program, and as a transportation director, I am excited to add what I have learned to my toolbox. This training is by far the best training I have attended … well worth the time and commitment.”Linda Rendon, Director of Transportation, Escondido Union High School District

If you’re someone who aspires to become the transportation leader in your LEA, this is your first chance since 2019 to get a 360-degree view of some real humans within the context of our well-rounded professional development training that’s designed to set you on your road to success as a CASBO-certified Director of Transportation.

And let’s face it — wouldn’t you prefer to zoom your pupils to class rather than attend one more Zoom session? You’ve had to default to that learning method so many times since March 2020. Let’s mix it up again!

Get on the bus that’ll take you to the essential instruction you need to enhance your transportation career. Sign up today — that way, we’ll ACTUALLY SEE YOU this August!

Have you already attended our TLA and found it valuable? We invite you to submit your feedback and also share the news of this upcoming session with your transportation colleagues!