For the new 2021-22 fiscal year, CASBO members will have more robust access to the CASBO Career Center, in the form of an enhanced, all-in-one recruiting platform that will provide you with a more centralized experience both in placing your recruitment notices and seeking new career opportunities.

As part of that shift, we’ll be moving the options currently available in our CASBO Job Ads publication to the CASBO Career Center, as well as modifying some of them with enhancements and corresponding new pricing options.

These changes are being made as part of our new and improved member-centric website and will necessitate the phasing out of our current CASBO Job Ads publication, effective with the July 13, 2021, issue. That means this issue contains the final publication of this version of our CASBO Job Ads!

What does this shift to the CASBO Career Center all mean for you? Well, for our human resources recruiters, it means a lot more features at your fingertips to find just the right candidates for your open positions. And for you job seekers out there, it means getting a one-stop shop to watch the market (with customized job alerts),  put yourself out there for consideration and more!

And all of you will have these capabilities via Career HQ, a platform powered by our partnership with Naylor Association Solutions that offers industry best practices and innovative technology to help you successfully plan and achieve your individual career goals or build your organization’s human resources capacity.

It’s one powerful job board platform with unlimited opportunity. Here are a few more of the benefits that our Career Center has to offer:

For Employers

You’ll have a suite of job ad packages and enhancements to ensure your open positions reach a wider audience of candidates. Here, you can:

  • Save on multiple ads. Purchase three- or five-ad packages (valid for 365 days) to save on future job posts.
  • Find qualified candidates. Every ad posting includes access to a live resume database.
  • Get your position filled. Take advantage of job ad enhancements that quickly put your open position in front of more candidates, such as:
  • Social media recruiting – Reach active and passive job seekers via Twitter @CASBO.
  • Ad retargeting – Have your opening follow a candidate to their next stop online in the form of an ad in their browser.
  • Featured job posts – Gain an advantage and get prime exposure on the site with highlighted job postings and prominent visibility to job seekers.
  • Job post videos – Create professional, 60-second videos to provide key information, brand identification and a call to action for each of your postings.

For Job Seekers

Whether you’re ready to make a change now, or just want to keep an eye on the market, our CASBO Career Center is the first and last place for a job search in school business. Create your own individual account to:

  • Post your resume. Maintain your presence as a qualified candidate with a robust profile that includes your resume, references, letters of recommendation and more! Maintain your privacy with complete control over how much information is shown to employers at any time.
  • Get job alerts. Sign up to receive email alerts of new job posts, in any area of California, in any area of expertise.
  • Apply for jobs. With new jobs posted daily, you can search for your next position anytime and apply on the spot.
  • Grow your skills. CASBO offers a library of courses in our Career Learning Center. From resume building to building your own brand, the Career Learning Center encourages an integrative career and professional development process that enhances your skill set.

The best part? You don’t have to wait to start using the CASBO Career Center! Although we’re still fine tuning our 2021-22 packages, enhancements and corresponding pricing options, Naylor’s Career HQ job board itself is live (as it has always been up to this point), so you may begin using it at the current rates to give yourself the tools you need to fill or find the next best position!

We’ll be updating you further as we finalize this product offering. In the meantime, for questions or more information, please contact CASBO Marketing Specialist Christina Nordin. She’ll be happy to help!