If you’re having a difficult time getting fired up about what’s going on outside, or you just need something substantive to lure you away from that next Netflix binge, check out this reading list from author and organizational psychology expert Adam Grant.

  1. The Power of Regret by Dan Pink. Popular work/life writer Daniel Pink shatters the myth that you should live with no regrets — and reveals how to make missed opportunities and foregone identities work to your advantage.
  2. Toxic Positivity by Whitney Goodman. In a culture where too many people suppress unpleasant emotions and silence the suffering of others, a thoughtful therapist walks you through strategies for sitting with your own painful feelings and making space for friends, family and colleagues to express their struggles.
  3. The Power of Fun by Catherine Price. A joyful journalist offers a road map for making your days less dull, putting play on your to-do list and moving from languishing to flourishing.
  4. I Didn’t Do the Thing Today by Madeleine Dore. Productivity guilt is no match for the wit and wisdom of this beloved blogger, who’s ready to free you from the pressure you put on yourself to squeeze output out of every minute. But, for all the times when you do need to do the thing …
  5. Get it Done by Ayelet Fishbach. A leading social psychologist offers surprising and useful insights for closing the gap between your intentions and your actions.
  6. The Eye Test by Chris Jones. A journalist convincingly illuminates when the patterns of the past don’t always predict the future, why we need people in the analytics equation, and how data can inform human judgment rather than replace it.
  7. The Black Agenda edited by Anna Gifty Opoku-Agyeman. An award-winning founder and change-maker brings together prominent Black scholars to examine what we can do to fight systemic racism and build a more just world.