It’s almost the new year, and there’s no better time to get a refresher – or start fresh! – on your payroll skills.

Our Payroll Essentials Program is an intensive two-and-a-half-day training event that’s designed for current and aspiring school business professionals working in the discipline of payroll who want to get first-rate payroll skills. With in-person and online sessions, you’re sure to get ahead in 2023.

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Attend Payroll Essentials and you’ll learn:

  • Computation from gross to net;
  • Federal, state and local statutes, rules and regulations;
  • Education code, labor law and tax administration; and
  • Retirement systems requirements.

To be a successful program participant, registrants should know how to:

  • Create and format worksheets/workbooks
  • Insert data and be able to format cells/ranges
  • Order and group cells/ranges
  • Create and modify/filter and sort a table
  • Use cell ranges and references in formulas/functions
  • Summarize data with functions
  • Use conditional logic in functions
  • Format and modify text with functions
  • Create and format a chart
  • Insert and format an object

After training concludes, attendees must pass an open-book skills assessment test with a minimum grade of 70% to receive their certificate of completion. Fees are only $1,200 for employees of a CASBO Organizational Subscriber and $1,600 for non-members. Registration includes 18 CEUs, materials and resources, and the final exam.