There’s nothing like a pandemic to keep you on your toes. If ever there was a time when the old adage “think outside the box” was not only true but radically necessary, it was during the last 20 months.

Here at CASBO, we were no different than the millions of other businesses who needed to create alternative ways to provide our main service: providing professional development to thousands of California school business professionals.

And that did require us to, yes, think outside the box in order to keep those offerings available to you as you sheltered in place along with the rest of the world. And, like you, as you worked so hard to remotely deliver instructional learning not only to your students but to your staff, we too realized there was only one way to do it: virtually.

So, throughout 2020 and 2021, we not only leapt into action to shift our large in-person events, like CBO Symposium and Annual Conference, to live virtual platforms, we did the same with our skills workshops, like 1099 Reporting Concepts and Records Retention.

And when it became more and more clear the end of the pandemic was nowhere in sight — and we also were going to continue to be plagued with “regular” calamities, like wildfires, that turn school schedules upside down — we also realized that live sessions weren’t quite enough. So, we rolled up our sleeves and launched CASBO Online, our on-demand learning platform.

It’s been an amazing whirlwind of creating something new in a time of destruction. Out of the chaos has come innovation. And as we begin to peek out from under the pandemic’s trappings (COVID variants notwithstanding), we feel like we’ve got an even more well-rounded program that you can rely on no matter your circumstances … and it’s all here in our new Professional Development Catalog.

In past years, we’ve always worked hard on your behalf to provide you with relevant professional development in all disciplines of school business, as well as ensure plenty of training opportunities around the state for anyone who is interested in leveling up their career or obtaining a CASBO certification. We’re proud to say, though it may have slowed us down some, we didn’t let the pandemic keep us from our goal.

Why? Because CASBO IS professional development, and that primary goal is to fulfill the learning needs of California school business professionals like you. In fact, it’s still what’s at the very heart of our existence … and we hope you’ll find that we’re still good at it!

In addition to our customary in-person state workshops, our catalog now includes live webinar-style workshops that you can sign up for, as well as on-demand sessions that you can take at your convenience. And, as always, you’ll find information about Annual Conference and our Certification Training Programs.

Please join us in thanking the CASBO staff and member-leaders who contributed to this effort in order to bring you expert instructors, content that evolves in direct response to our state’s budget and policy changes, and in-depth training on today’s foremost topics in educational leadership.

2022 professional development registration information is available now.* Take a look at our offerings, and add up the benefits to your career, your organization and the students you serve. Join us for a training session in 2022!

*Don’t forget: Members get great professional development discounts! If you aren’t already a member, please consider joining us so you can take advantage of this benefit.