The national Office of Educational Technology has released its 2023 “Dear Colleague Letter” on leveraging federal funds for teaching and learning with technology. The guidance provides information to state, district, and eligible partnership grantees on core areas for maximizing investment in innovative technology-based learning strategies.

It also helps districts think through how to spend down the relief dollars they have while sustaining other funding sources.

Section 1 of the guidance provides an overview and examples of federal funds to support digital learning, including:

  1. Improving and personalizing professional learning and other supports for educators.
  2. Increasing access to high-quality digital content and resources for students.
  3. Facilitating educator collaboration and communication.
  4. Providing devices for educators and students to access digital learning resources.

Section 2 provides example questions to support the selection of high-quality educational technology strategies related to the critical areas of needs assessment, policy and infrastructure, alignment with instructional approach, professional learning and evidence.

The report is available for download here.