Now’s the time to create your reading list for the 2022-23 school year. Organizational psychologist and professor Adam Grant recommends these new titles.

  1. Longpath by Ari Wallach (August 16)

You know why we need to look ahead, but how can you do it more effectively? This book is an antidote to nearsightedness. A futurist offers an actionable guide for planning multiple generations in the future.

  1. The Prepared Leader by Erika James and Lynn Perry Wooten (September 20)

These two experts on crisis leadership have spent the past few years leading through crisis – one as the dean of Wharton and the other as the president of Simmons. Combining extensive experience and evidence, this dynamic duo has created the road map you need to prepare for the unexpected.

  1. Both/And Thinking by Wendy Smith and Marianne Lewis (August 9)

Life is full of paradoxes, and too often we ignore them or try to erase them when we should be learning how to manage them. Two top scholars of paradox examine how to embrace tensions and overcome tradeoffs.

  1. Winning with Underdogs by Gil Winch (September 6)

An insightful, inspiring book on how to find diamonds in the rough and help them reach their potential. As an organizational psychologist turned entrepreneur, Gil Winch is a pioneer in creating opportunities for people who have been underestimated and overlooked. I can’t think of anyone more qualified to teach us how to build a workplace that’s both more inclusive and more effective.

  1. Getting to Diversity by Frank Dobbin and Alexandra Kalev (September 13)

These influential sociologists have spent their careers studying why diversity initiatives fail and what it takes to fix them. Their data-driven book doesn’t just spotlight the problems – it’s packed with solutions.