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Upcoming Events

  Standardized Account Code Structure: Basic Concepts - 4/25/2019 - Los Angeles COE

Los Angeles COE

Thursday - April 25, 2019
  Standardized Account Code Structure: Advanced Concepts - 4/26/2019 - Los Angeles COE

Los Angeles COE

Friday - April 26, 2019
  (CANCELLED) Creating Effective Board Presentations - 4/26/2019 - San Bernardino CSS

San Bernardino CSS - West End Educational Service Center

Friday - April 26, 2019
  Records Retention - 04/29/19 - Humboldt County Office of Education

Humboldt COE

Monday - April 29, 2019
  Payroll Concepts - 04/29/19 - San Joaquin County COE

San Joaquin County COE - Nelson Administration Center

Monday - April 29, 2019
  (SOLD OUT) Leaves of Absence - 04/30/19 - San Mateo COE

San Mateo COE

Tuesday - April 30, 2019
  Pupil Attendance Accounting for Business Office Personnel - 5/1/2019 - Tulare COE

Tulare COE

Wednesday - May 01, 2019
  Legal Aspects & hands-on Accounting for Student Body Organizations - 5/2/2019 - Tulare COE

Tulare COE

Thursday - May 02, 2019
  (Cancelled) Spokesperson Training - 5/3/2019 - Merced COE

Merced COE

Friday - May 03, 2019
  Pupil Attendance Accounting for School Site Personnel - 05/08/19 - Sonoma COE

Sonoma COE - Teacher Learning Center

Wednesday - May 08, 2019
  Standardized Account Code Structure: Basic Concepts - 5/09/2019 - Tulare COE

Tulare COE

Thursday - May 09, 2019
  Standardized Account Code Structure: Advanced Concepts - 5/10/2019 - Tulare COE

Tulare COE

Friday - May 10, 2019
  Sacramento Section Brunch & Learn: Bargaining Challenges in This New Fiscal Environment

Schools Insurance Authority

Friday - May 10, 2019
  Pupil Attendance Accounting for Business Office Personnel - 05/14/2019 - SBCSS

San Bernardino CSS - West End Educational Service Center

Tuesday - May 14, 2019
  Legal Aspects & Hands-On Accounting for Student Body Organizations - 05/15/19 - SBCSS

SBCSS - West End Educational Service Center

Wednesday - May 15, 2019
Advanced Budgeting adds an in-depth perspective to the budget development process. Workshop topics include a brief review of California school budgets; a review of responsibilities, policies and calendars; the budget building pyramid approach; the school budget development process; steps in budget development; revenues; expenditures; position control; multi-year forecasting; monitoring and reporting on the budget during the fiscal year; budget documents; and budget presentations. Who should attend:
  • Superintendents
  • Chief business officials
  • Chief financial officers
  • Instructional leaders
  • Budget development staff
  • Business office staff
Michael Johnston, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services for Clovis Unified School District, is a CASBO Past President and a certified Chief Business Official through the association. Johnston has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, emphasis in Accounting, and a Master of Science Degree in Educational Leadership and Supervision. With 20 years of experience in public education finances and management under his belt, Johnston brings a wealth of expertise to the development and presentation of the Advanced Budgeting workshop series, while also presenting throughout the state at the Human Resources Academy for the Association of Certificated School Administrators (ACSA).
CASBO is committed to offering timely, relevant professional development to its members. We also welcome your feedback. If you’d like to request or recommend a specific workshop topic and/or presenter, please don’t hesitate to send us your thoughts. Please send any feedback or requests to