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Explore CASBO’s new CBO Reactivation program, featuring three easy pathways to reactive your credential through January 31, 2024.

Path 1 – Ready

To be eligible, applicants must have 50+ verified CEUs completed between 2018 and 2023.

Complete by January 31, 2024:

  1. Log 50 CEUs in your CASBO Profile under “My Courses”.
  2. Pay $275 reactivation fee.

Path 2 – In Progress

To be eligible, applicants must have 25-49 verified CEUs completed between 2018 and 2023.

Complete by January 31, 2024:

  1. Log 25+ CEUs in your CASBO profile under “My Courses”.
  2. Request an extension by filling out the Pathway 2 Extension Form.

Then, complete by May 31, 2024:

  1. Log remaining learning activities needed to reach 50 CEUs.
  2. Pay $275 reactivation fee.

Path 3 – Retest

Applicants who have less than 25 verified CEUs but are currently employed as a CBO or similar position must sit to take or retake the CBO Certification exam.

Complete by January 31, 2024:

  1. Register for February 2024 CASBO CBO exam window.
  2. Pay $400 exam registration fee.

Then, during the exam window:

  1. Schedule and take the CASBO CBO certification exam.
  2. Pass the CBO Exam.
  3. Earn the CASBO CBO Certification.

Eligible CEU Activities

In-person courses, sessions, workshops, etc. – Unlimited CEUs

  • Technical/school business content

Live virtual workshops, webinars, etc. – Unlimited CEUs

  • Synchronous online webinars with active learner participation
  • Technical/school business content

On-demand virtual courses, sessions, workshops, etc. – Unlimited CEUs

  • Asynchronous self-study
  • Technical/school business content
  • Must include an assessment, quiz, activity, or self-reflection

College/university courses – Maximum 32 CEUs

  • Passing grade transcript with completion date during recertification cycle
  • Related to certification domains or a CASBO school business discipline
  • Maximum 8 CEUs per course

In-person or virtual non-technical courses, conference sessions, etc. – Maximum 12.5 CEUs

  • Soft skills (leadership, team building, communication) offered from other disciplines or professions outside of school business

Professional Roundtables – Maximum 4 CEUs

  • Must submit evidence of on-the-job application of content
  • Maximum 1 CEU per roundtable

Volunteer (CASBO) – Maximum 8 CEUs

  • CASBO board, committee, work group, task force
  • Be an active and engaged participant
  • Maximum 1 CEU per volunteer role

Volunteer (CASBO) – Intensive Project – Maximum 5 CEUs

  • CASBO exam item writing/review or standard setting or CASBO Legislative Committee

Faculty for college/university course – Maximum 8 CEUs

  • Faculty or adjunct faculty
  • Subject matter directly related to school business or district/COE leadership/education at the BA/MA/Doctorate level

Presenter for in-person or virtual courses, sessions, workshops, etc. – Maximum 8 CEUs

  • Prepare, research, write, and present current content in school business for an external audience (outside your work/district/COE)

Educational Podcast – Maximum 4 CEUs

  • Technical/school business content

Professional Reading – Maximum 4 CEUs

  • Leadership/management books
  • Maximum 1 CEU per book

Author – Maximum 2 CEUs

  • Prepare, research, write, and publish current content in school business professional publications


CASBO has sent notifications to your preferred email address (as noted in your CASBO profile) if you are eligible to pursue a reactivation path. Keep your email address in your CASBO profile up-to-date and calendar your expiration date – you are responsible for reactivating prior to the deadline.

This program is a one-time opportunity.

If you did not receive a notification and believe you’re eligible, email

In order to reactivate, individuals must:

  1.  Log 50 CEUs earned between 2018 and 2023.
  2. Pay the reactivation fee or the exam registration fee by the deadline given for their path.

CASBO membership includes discounts and access to free CASBO education programs, which may be used towards reactivation CEUs. However, individuals are not required to be a CASBO member to reactivate or retain certification.

CEUs from any school business-focused organization will be accepted.

Virtual programs via CASBO School Business University (CASBO SBU) will automatically be recorded to your CEU log, but it’s good practice to double-check that all your education appears. You should self-report CEUs earned for CASBO’s Annual Conference and/or CBO Symposium.

CEUs from other programs and organizations must be self-reported.

For education programs, clock hours equal CEUs. Example: 60 minute session = 1 CEU. The minimum amount of CEUs that can be reported is .25 (15 minutes).

A semester-length college/university course counts as 8.0 CEUs, for a maximum of 32 CEUs in that category.

When submitting CEUs for podcasts, roundtables, or readings, include a brief description of how the topic impacts your job or workplace.

Retain copies of supporting documentation (eg: certificate of completion, transcripts) in the event your recertification is audited.

To view or log CEUs:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in
  3. Click “Member Profile” in the top right
  4. Once in your profile, click on “My Courses” on the left-hand side menu.
  5. To add CEUs, select the “Add Credits” button

Viewing your courses: If you do not immediately see your course list, please refresh your browser 1-3 times until the courses show up. This page has a cache issue and doesn’t always load correctly on the first try.

Entries are reviewed by CASBO staff at the time of your reactivation. In the meantime, status may appear as “pending.”

Need assistance with the CBO Reactivation Program?