For the new 2021-22 fiscal year, CASBO members will have more robust access to the CASBO Career Center, in the form of an enhanced, all-in-one recruiting platform that will provide you with a more centralized experience both in placing your recruitment notices and seeking new career opportunities.

As part of that shift, we’ll be moving the options currently available in our CASBO Job Ads publication to the CASBO Career Center, as well as modifying some of them with enhancements and corresponding new pricing options.

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1 Placing an ad in the CASBO newsletter does not automatically place the same ad on the Career HQ online job board (see more details for Career HQ job listings below).

2 Job ad invoices are due and payable 30 days after date of order origination (see Terms and Conditions below). For those accounts with past-due invoices, CASBO will suspend future job ad orders until full payment is received.

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