In the 1970s, there was a colorful booklet that you could get at any pet store called “Know Your Goldfish.” It was meant as the definitive guide for new goldfish owners and it was full of everything you needed to know to learn about your new fish friends. To this day, whenever I hear about someone wanting to learn something new — needing to “know” about something for their job or their hobby — that title pops into my head, eventually followed by one that uses the new subject in place of the word “goldfish.”

Take today, for instance. It’s a new year of leadership here at CASBO, and we know you’re probably eager to learn more about your new leaders, to become familiar with the talented and dedicated team that’s going to help CASBO with our continued goal of being the place where school business leaders go to grow. In other words, it’s time to know your goldfish!

As with any bowl of goldfish, though, we understand it can be difficult to tell one person from another, to see past the blur of similar names and faces — after all, there are a lot of people swimming in the mix! From our board members to our professional staff, it’s a huge group of people who work to share their time, knowledge and expertise to make CASBO truly great.

But that’s where we can help — with our own version of an ownership manual: the new CASBO website. For the better part of this past year, we’ve been working hard to create a more user-friendly website packed full of information that helps you know more about CASBO and learn what it is that makes us so special.

And it all starts with our leadership: our mission and vision statements, our governance structure, our procedures manual and strategic plan — and most importantly, our people! Here is where you can find out what they look like, what districts they serve, and how to contact them.

So go ahead, take some time to “Know Your CASBO Leaders.” We promise it’s okay to knock on the glass!