At a time when leaders are dealing with lots of frustrated employees, how you make and communicate decisions matters more than ever before.

And, get this, the latest advice goes against what you’ve heard for years: Do let them see you sweat!

After all, with all the swirling anxiety and frustration in the air these days, it’s easy for leaders to become the target of convenience for a whole lot of rage, according to Amanda Ripley for the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley.

Here are her pro tips for leading when it feels like everyone is mad at you:

Lose the game face
In positions of authority, people usually put on a game face whenever they make an unpopular decision. They don’t want to show vulnerability. But this makes you easier to demonize. If, on the other hand, you do the counterintuitive thing — admitting that this was a hard decision to make — you become human again.

Protect your sanity
You will still get blamed by some people, no matter what you do. The trick is to avoid getting pulled into high conflict, even in your own mind. How? You need some way to get a little distance from the conflict, every day. Possibilities include writing in a journal, meditating or exercise.

Hold a dress rehearsal
It is very hard to think when you’re under stress. Humans aren’t designed to do it, so we shouldn’t expect to be good at it. Instead, train for conflict in advance. Develop muscle memory you can use when you need it, without having to think.