All leaders want to have a career they can describe as “successful,” and there’s a lot of advice on how to get there. But what are the qualities the world’s top leaders embrace?

In an article for, David Finkel breaks them down.

  • They’re focused. If you want to be a better leader, practice focus. Set aside time each day and each week to work on the things that make the most difference.
  • They’re mindful. The best leaders take time once a day or once a week to be mindful of their actions and observations and connect with their business and their team.
  • They’re deliberate. Good leaders set goals each quarter and work toward making them a reality. This means not only prioritizing the things that matter most to your business at the moment, but also setting goals for yourself as a leader.
  • They’re consistent. If you tell your team that being on time for meetings is important and shows respect for everyone’s time, then it’s imperative that you always show up on time or early for meetings.
  • They’re strategic. While no one expects you to be a psychic, regularly taking time to look at your business from all angles will help you prepare for whatever comes your way.
  • They’re able to admit when they’re wrong. The best leaders know that there is no such thing as a bad business decision as long as they learn from their mistakes. Admitting that you don’t know it all and being willing to learn and change course if necessary is a huge step in the right direction.
  • They’re teachable. A good leader knows the value of a business coach or mentor who has gone through similar experiences and is eager to learn all that they can.