If you’ve entered 2022 feeling less motivated than usual at work, don’t fret. With some smart changes, you can conquer your malaise, reports workplace psychotherapist Zoe Aston for Fast Company.

Here are a few tips for having a happier, healthier work day.

Make a plan

A recent survey showed that for many employees, the biggest distractions are incoming messages and overflowing inboxes. Whether confronted with a full inbox or a jam-packed calendar of back-to-back meetings, feeling like the day is a singular heap of work can cause anxiety and dread.

Addressing tasks individually can make them feel more manageable, and planning how you’ll approach your workload can make a meaningful difference in how your day goes. Begin your week by looking ahead and scheduling as much as you can, including time to take breaks, time to prepare food and eat it, and time needed for meetings and responding to email.

Know your external stressors

Everyone has things that come naturally to them and things that are more difficult and require extra energy. External stressors are a key culprit when it comes to feeling frazzled, overwhelmed or burned out. For some, transitioning into a more long-term remote or hybrid work environment may present unexpected obstacles and feelings of stress. Practicing self-awareness is key to combating stress.

If you need help identifying your stressors, a short mindfulness “workout” can help you become more aware of what’s happening to you in the present moment. Observing your breath and tuning into your thoughts and feelings can help you feel more connected. You’ll likely find that the thoughts that pull you away from your breath are the ones that need your attention.

Embrace time-saving tools

Using the right technology and tools can help you streamline your workload and improve your efficiency. In fact, a recent study found that for every hour worked, good technology can save employees 23 minutes.

Tools that help alleviate specific external stressors are a smart place to start. Pomodoro timers remind you to take breaks as often as you choose, and project management tools can keep you on track and make sure you’re not forgetting anything. Artificial intelligence assistants, like Otter.ai, can take notes in meetings on your behalf, automatically transcribing audio so you can fully engage in conversation and remember what was said — or feel confident about stepping away if you’re having an “off” day.