What is your 403(b) TPA doing for you? Is it enough?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

AXA-Equitable presents Ellie Lowder
This video is a 30 minute condensed version of the hour long workshop presented live at the 2012 Annual Conference in San Diego.

Take advantage of the practical information provided during the CASBO conference on April 12, 2012, by well known speaker, Ellie Lowder, TGPC, Consultant and member of the ASBO Retirement Plan Council.

The topic assigned by CASBO was a discussion of evaluating your current TPA:

How to maintain oversight of your TPA’s activities.
How to utilize the ASBO tools available on the 403(b) resources page (including a checklist of the evaluation).
Selection of a Third Party Administer.

Members are encouraged to use the link in the presentation to take advantage of the resources prepared by your ASBO Retirement Plan Council.

For further information please contact AXA-Equitable