Using Your Property and Facilities to Generate Revenue

Friday, April 26, 2013

Presented by Harold Freiman, Partner, Lozano Smith
Faced with increasing financial pressure over the past decade, school districts have increasingly been turning to their property and facilities as a way to generate revenues. Harold Freiman provides a brief overview of the process for leasing or selling property, and then discusses practical, fiscal and political concerns that are faced by school districts when deciding how property can be used for income. In addition to technical matters regarding surplus property, topics include:
• Addressing community concerns 
• Deciding whether to sell or lease 
• Market considerations 
• Inclusion of fields and playgrounds 
• The role of district staff and of consultants
In addition to serving as general counsel for school districts throughout California, Mr. Freiman offers specific expertise in areas such as property, facilities, the California Environmental Quality Act, developer fees, the Brown Act, the Public Records Act, board governance, and school district organization.
Mr. Freiman is a frequent presenter for CASBO and other organizations, and serves on the Associate Member Committee for CASBO. He is also a member of the California Council of School Attorneys. Mr. Freiman has represented the Education Legal Alliance of the California School Boards Association as amicus counsel on several matters before the California Supreme Court.
Lozano Smith is a full-service education and public agency law firm serving hundreds of California's K-12 and community college districts, county offices of education, and universities. Established in 1988, the firm prides itself on fostering longstanding relationships with administrators and public officials, while offering creative advice and counseling on complex and ever-changing laws. Ultimately, this allows clients to stay focused on what matters most – the success of their district, students and communities they serve.
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