TerraVerde: Joint Procurement Strategies for Prop 39: Using Economies of Scale to Get Best Pricing

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

CASBO Partner Webinar
TerraVerde – CASBO Strategic Alliance Partner

Presenters: Rick Brown, President & Ali Chehrehsaz, EVP Operations

Prop 39 projects are hitting the market, and in many locations the supply of qualified contractors doesn’t match demand, driving up pricing. Some Districts are joining together to procure construction services in order to achieve economies of scale and secure more favorable pricing. This webinar will explore innovative procurement strategies for obtaining best value in energy project contracting, while complying with Prop 39 no sole-source prohibitions.

PowerPoint Presentation

During the webinar today Dr. Brown mentioned previous webinars – Best Practices in Solar Development - they can be viewed on casbo.org – click here to view