TerraVerde - Is It Time to Buy Out Your Solar PPA?

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Webinar Presenter:
Rick Brown, Ph.D., President, TerraVerde

Many schools who entered into solar power purchase agreements (PPAs) between 2006 and 2012 may have the opportunity to buy out their contracts now or within the next couple of years. Determining the value of such a buyout versus continuing with the contract requires consideration of multiple engineering, finance and legal factors.

If your district is considering whether or not to buy out its PPA, listen to Terra Verde President Rick Brown, Ph.D., explain the pros and cons of a PPA buyout and discuss the issues you should consider when making the decision on which path to take.

Complimentary Offer for CASBO Members from Terra Verde:
One-Hour Consultation
CASBO members may request a complimentary one-hour consultation with TerraVerde staff to perform a more in-depth review of options for evaluating an existing PPA at your district, or to discuss other questions about solar or other energy topics. If you are interested, please call Rick at (707) 953-2885 or email him at rick.brown@tvrpllc.com.