TerraVerde Energy - Electrification of Everything: Hot Water, Heat and Transportation

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Webinar Presenters:
Rick Brown, Ph.D., President, TerraVerde Energy
Panama Bartholomy, Coalition Director, Building Decarbonization Coalition

Prop. 39 has provided a meaningful boost to school districts in improving energy efficiency. However, SB 350 requires energy efficiency to double by 2030, imposing increasing obligations on them. Full building electrification is considered the best way to fight climate change, and the good news is that the technologies needed already exist and get better all the time. Even better news is that moving the goal from energy efficiency improvement to building electrification can have real benefits for school districts. To learn more about this new opportunity, watch TerraVerde's recorded webinar and find out whether it's the right choice for your district. Also covered in this webinar is Energy Master Planning: a holistic, comprehensive planning methodology for a building’s current and future energy needs (instead of a one-off approach to fixing inefficient or broken systems). Five action items are provided to start the process of effective energy management.

This was the last in a series of webinars presented by TerraVerde in Fall 2018. To view the companion sessions, click the links below: