TerraVerde: Battery Storage: Offsetting Rising Demand Charges

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

CASBO Partner Webinar
TerraVerde – CASBO Strategic Alliance Partner

Presenters: Rick Brown, President & Ali Chehrehsaz, EVP Operations

Through the California Public Utilities Commission, the state has mandated the widespread deployment of “advanced energy storage,” also known as battery storage, among large commercial energy customers like schools. Significant rebate incentives have been made available, and districts suffering from very high demand charges (in many cases 50 percent of their electricity bills) may want to take advantage of this technology. While the technology itself isn’t new, there are risks that districts should be aware of before jumping in. This webinar will explore some of the benefits, risks and specific ideas on where and how it makes sense to implement battery storage. 

PowerPoint Presentation