TerraVerde - Battery Project Financial Asset Management: How to Get Promised Demand Charge Savings

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Webinar Presenter:
Rick Brown, Ph.D., President, TerraVerde

With an increasing proportion of utility company rate hikes hitting the demand portion of bills, and the availability of Self Generation Incentive Program rebates, many schools are taking a serious look at battery storage to offset rapidly rising charges.

By reducing peak demand and shaving demand charges, schools can take advantage of lower rates associated with off-peak periods to charge batteries, which can be programmed to automatically discharge during periods of high peak demand cost.

If your district has, or is considering installing, a solar energy system, please join TerraVerde President Rick Brown, Ph.D., for an informative webinar that will explain how you can increase savings by adding battery storage to offset consumption and demand.

Complimentary Offer for CASBO Members from Terra Verde:
Battery Storage Project Financial Feasibility Analysis
With the next round of battery storage rebate applications due sometime between late November 2016 and February 2017, now is a good time to obtain a battery storage project financial feasibility analysis. CASBO Strategic Alliance Partner TerraVerde is providing this service at no cost to all CASBO members. If you are interested, please call Rick at (707) 953-2885 or email him at rick.brown@tvrpllc.com.