Sadly, we have a crisis on our hands -- locally, across the state and nation, and globally -- as we work to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The magnitude of, and speed at which, we find ourselves in this new circumstance is hard to fathom. The road ahead is largely uncharted. 

In this episode, we check in with CASBO’s CEO and Executive Director, Molly McGee Hewitt, to help us think about what’s important for leaders to focus on during times when so much is unsettled and uncertain around us. Molly’s service as a leader and communicator in a wide range of roles gives her unique experiences to draw on. And whether you’re a leader in a school district, a civic group, in your job or community or family, she has some great tips and strategies to remember.

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About Molly McGee Hewitt

For more than a decade, Molly has served as CASBO's CEO & Executive Director. She began her career as a public information officer and public relations professional for several unified school districts and non-profit organizations. She has served as a classroom teacher, site and district administrator, and school board member; and she's worked with school districts, county offices of education and educational organizations in North, South and Central America. She's received more than 200 awards and commendations for her public service; and she's authored more than 14 publications for educators, administrators and school board members, including “A PR Guide for School Administrators.” 

At CASBO, Molly oversees all leadership, membership, advocacy, professional development and business efforts. 


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