School Services of California, Inc.: SB 799 - Raising the Cap on School Budget Reserves

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

In our continued efforts to advocate for reform of the budget reserve cap, CASBO Executive Director Molly McGee Hewitt issued a “call to action” in a recent interview with School Services of California, Inc., CEO Ron Bennett. Highlighting the critical importance of this issue, McGee Hewitt stated, “We believe that this piece of legislation, SB 799, is vital to us and to our future for educational stability and solvency.”

In the spirit of supporting local control, it is in the best interest of our schools and students to have responsible and sound budget processes that ensure our educational system can support the instructional programs and services our students need. We believe that SB 799 (Hill), which currently is in the Assembly Rules Committee, will allow school districts to plan for their future needs without unnecessary and harmful fiscal constraints.

Education management associations and social justice groups are working diligently to garner political and public support for the bill. CASBO calls on its members to urge their local elected officials to support the passage of SB 799 as the solution to restore fiscal confidence and stability to our school districts.

If you have any questions please contact:

Sara Bachez
Assistant Executive Director
Governmental Relations
(916) 447-3783, ext. 2250

CASBO Thanks its Strategic Alliance Partner
School Services of California, Inc. 
Ron Bennett