Proposition 39 Project Bid Process: Best Practices

Monday, June 16, 2014

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Proposition 39 Project Bid Process: Best Practices webinar is one in a series of focused of trainings that will provide best practices on implementation of energy projects. The informative webinar will be presented by TerraVerde, CASBO’s Energy Strategic Alliance Partner. In the first upcoming webinar, Rick Brown, Ph.D., and Ali Chehrehsaz, PEng, PMP, cover key topics including: 

  • Preparing solid bid specs
  • Developing a strong RFP
  • Advertising the bid to attract quality bids
  • Communication with bidders
  • Bid Evaluation: Making the right choice
  • Final bid selection
  • Garnering board approval
  • Joint bid process opportunities – gaining economies of scale by partnering with other districts
  • Preparing for the contracting phase

While Proposition 39 grant money provides school districts with an outstanding opportunity to reduce energy costs and a method for catching up on long-deferred maintenance needs, this funding comes with certain requirements, such as a prohibition on “sole-source contracting.”

While the sole-source contract prohibition may feel like a burden, it also presents an opportunity to construct a well-designed, competitive bid process to ensure that the investments in energy conservation measures produce the economic and other benefits (better lighting, air quality, etc.) that districts want.  And because many districts are leveraging their Proposition 39 grants with other funding sources, it is an opportunity to generate even more savings, as long as the right financial analyses are conducted.  

It is this “return on investment” perspective that requires greater involvement of CBOs and other finance professionals in the Proposition 39 implementation planning process.

Learn about the ROI perspective and go deep on the issues listed above by participating in this timely webinar. Attendance by all finance and facilities team members is encouraged to ensure all aspects of the Proposition 39 planning process are addressed.