Proposition 39 Contracting: Best Practices Webinar

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

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Proposition 39 Project Bid Process: Best Practices This valuable webinar features TerraVerde’s Rick Brown, Ph.D., and Ali Chehrehsaz, PEng, PMP, and Kathleen J. McKee from Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost LLP, as they discuss key topics including:
Transitioning from the bid process to contracting: Are you sure of your negotiations strategy?
Defining and validating scope of work, pricing and scheduling: Do you have what you need in writing?
Contingency validation: Who is accountable for what?
Contract content: Did you cover all the bases?
Reconciling with Proposition 39 expenditure plans: No one likes surprises.
Issuing the NTP: Getting construction off to a good start.
While Proposition 39 grant money provides school districts with an outstanding opportunity to reduce energy costs, as well as a method for catching up on long-deferred maintenance needs, this funding comes with certain requirements such as a prohibition on “sole-source contracting.”
Sole-source contracting may feel like a burden, but it also presents an opportunity to construct a well-designed, competitive bid and contracting process to ensure that the investments in energy conservation measures produce the economic and other benefits (better lighting, air quality, etc.) districts want. And because many districts are leveraging their Proposition 39 grants with other funding sources, it is an opportunity to generate even more savings, as long as the right financial analyses are conducted and a solid contract is in place.
It’s this “return-on-investment” perspective that requires greater involvement of CBOs and other finance professionals when it comes to Proposition 39 project planning, contracting and implementation.
You'll learn about the ROI perspective and go deep on all the key issues involved. 
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