Partners Advisory Webinars/Videos


TerraVerde Energy - Electrification of Everything: Hot Water, Heat and Transportation
SB 350 will require energy efficiency improvements by school districts to double by 2030, imposing increasing obligations. Going all electric could be a choice that provides real benefits. To get an outline of the road map California could take to support full building electrification, watch CASBO Strategic Alliance Partner TerraVerde Energy's recorded webinar and hear the steps to take to implement new technologies to reduce energy costs. Includes bonus slides on "Energy Master Planning" and five action items to start the process. (This was the last in a series of webinars presented by TerraVerde in Fall 2018; click here to view companion sessions!)
Webinar 12/11/2018

Sourcewell - Safety for K-12 Schools: Instant Communication in Times of Crisis
At a time when school security and student safety are a national priority, how can you implement good communication in your own local education agency? To hear about available technology that allows users to report risks, receive safety alerts and aid in reducing emergency response time, listen to CASBO Strategic Alliance Partner Sourcewell's recorded webinar and find out how your district can bring stakeholders together for a common cause.
Webinar 11/15/2018

TerraVerde Energy - Community Choice Aggregation Agencies Are Expanding Rapidly — What Does It Mean for Schools?
Community choice aggregation agencies (CCAs) can bring local control, freedom of choice and competition into the electricity marketplace. How can that affect your district, and how would it stand to benefit? To learn how your district can get the most value out of a CCA, watch CASBO Strategic Alliance Partner TerraVerde Energy's recorded webinar and see what revenue streams your district can open by partnering with one. (This was the third in a series of webinars presented by TerraVerde in Fall 2018; click here to view companion sessions!)
Webinar 11/13/2018

Horace Mann - Retirement Planning & Understanding Investment Options
Need an overview of retirement planning and investment options, including the employer and employee experience and the benefit of financial education? Watch the webinar presented by CASBO Premier Plus Partner Horace Mann, and hear Regional Executives Jack Danielson and Brenda Truelove discuss available investment vehicles and considerations such as fee structure, investment flexibility, fund variety and ease of enrollment.
Webinar 10/23/2018

ENGIE Storage - Energy Storage for California Schools
There's a new technology available that can help your district earn additional revenue by reducing its electric bills by hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. To find out what this essential technology is and learn more about its potential, watch the webinar presented by CASBO Premier Partner ENGIE Storage and hear Senior Vice President Steve Kelley explain how your district can benefit from it.
Webinar 10/16/2018

TerraVerde Energy - Is It Time to Consider Buying Out Your Solar PPA?
It's been more than 10 years since the California Solar Initiative and Federal Solar Tax Credit legislation passed. Since then, districts across California have deployed solar as part of their energy cost management strategy. If you structured yours under a power purchase agreement (PPA), CASBO Strategic Alliance Partner TerraVerde Energy invites you to watch its recorded webinar. Listen in as President Rick Brown, Ph.D., and Vice President of Asset Management David Burdick explain how PPAs work and whether a buyout is right for your district. (This was the second in a series of webinars presented by TerraVerde in Fall 2018; click here to view companion sessions!)
Webinar 10/9/2018

Direct Energy Business - New Energy Management Opportunities for California Schools
By making wise energy choices, districts can manage spending, potentially free up more resources for education and teach the next generation about sensible energy practices. To learn how your district can control its energy costs by implementing efficient energy management, watch the webinar presented by CASBO Premier Partner Direct Energy Business.
Webinar 10/4/2018

Horace Mann - Crowdfunding Best Practices: Helping Your Educators Get the Classroom Resources They Need
Public schools have long used donations to enrich students’ academic experience and to fund materials that system budgets cannot always afford. Crowdfunding is becoming a viable source in this regard; however, it does not come without its issues. To understand how it should best be used, watch the webinar presented by CASBO Premier Plus Partner Horace Mann, a national sponsor of, a website dedicated to funding classroom projects.
Webinar 9/18/2018

TerraVerde Energy - Best Practices in Solar Asset Management
Whether your district owns a solar energy (photovoltaic) system or is purchasing power through a power purchase agreement, there are important dynamics that must be well managed to ensure optimized energy performance and maximized energy cost savings. CASBO Strategic Alliance Partner TerraVerde Energy invites you to watch its recorded webinar to hear President Rick Brown, Ph.D., and Vice President of Asset Management David Burdick explain best practices in managing solar energy systems. (This was the first in a series of webinars presented by TerraVerde in Fall 2018; click here to view companion sessions!)
Webinar 9/11/2018

ForeFront Power - The Zero Net Energy Diet: Understanding Zero Net Energy, Implications for Schools and Your Path to Action
Zero Net Energy (ZNE) is generating a lot of buzz in California, especially for schools and municipalities. So, what is ZNE? Does it make sense for your district to pursue it? CASBO Premier Partner ForeFront Power invites you to watch its recorded webinar to get answers to these and other questions from ForeFront Power Director of California Public Sector Bryan Taylor and representatives from the New Buildings Institute and San Francisco Unified School District.
Webinar 9/6/2018

American Fidelity - Lessons We've Learned From Three Years of ACA Reporting
Whether you're new to the responsibilities of reporting insurance coverage eligibility or you just need a refresher, this overview of ACA mandate provisions will show you how to best comply and avoid penalties. Hear American Fidelity Attorney Jessica Frier explain the potential penalties your district can incur and identify best practices for avoiding them.
Webinar 7/10/2018

Dannis Woliver Kelley - Janus v. AFSCME (Part II): Supreme Court Ruling, SB 866 and FAQs
This podcast is a follow-up to the webinar held on June 18 (which discussed the then-upcoming U.S. Supreme Court decision) and offers a post-ruling analysis of the case and California's SB 866.
Podcast 7/3/2018

Lozano Smith - Janus v. AFSCME and Related California Legislation
Go behind the scenes with attorneys from CASBO Premier Partner Lozano Smith to hear how recent legal developments alter California's labor relations landscape, and get their Janus tool kit of helpful compliance and communication resources. Listen in and learn the key things you need to know about the Janus decision and the major legislative developments of SB 866 that are intended to lessen its effects.
Webinar 6/29/2018

Dannis Woliver Kelley - Janus v. AFSCME (Part I): Preparing for District Compliance
This webinar discusses potential rulings that could be made by the U.S. Supreme Court in Janus v. AFSCME, a case which considers whether the paying of mandatory agency fees to public-sector unions by non-union members violates their First Amendment rights. If you'd like to know more about how your district can comply with possible rulings, listen in as representatives from CASBO Strategic Alliance Partner School Services of California, Inc.; CASBO Premier Partner Dannis Woliver Kelley; and CASBO discuss possible rulings and practical strategies for district compliance.
Webinar 6/18/2018

Horace Mann - Retaining & Supporting Employees Through Financial Wellness
Helping employees overcome financial concerns can, in turn, help your district increase employee retention, improve employee productivity and boost employee morale. If you'd like to know more about how your district can help its employees with what many adults identify as being their biggest money concerns, watch the webinar presented by CASBO Premier Plus Partner Horace Mann, and listen in as Regional Executive Jack Danielson discusses debt-management and retirement planning strategies and how you can help your employees reach their financial goals.
Webinar 5/22/2018

Horace Mann - Student Loan Solutions
When it comes to managing student loans, there are many options available. Helping your employees understand them so they can get on a path to financial success can boost employee morale. If you'd like to know more about how your district can increase employee retention and improve productivity, watch the webinar presented by CASBO Premier Plus Partner Horace Mann, and listen in as Regional Executive Jack Danielson discusses student loan solutions and how you can help your employees leverage them for success.
Webinar 4/25/2018

Direct Energy Business - The Power of Choice: Gain Control of Your Energy Consumption
Many California natural gas customers may not be aware that they have a choice for their supplier — outside of their local utilities — that could lead to cost-saving opportunities. To help you learn more about your district's energy choices and natural gas product options, CASBO Premier Partner Direct Energy Business invites you to watch its recorded webinar. Targeted to school business operations personnel located in Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas & Electric, or Pacific Gas & Electric service territories, Paul Gibson, Direct Energy's manager of energy pricing, will show you the choices you have and what you need to do to start saving on your energy needs.
Webinar 4/24/2018

Forecast5 Analytics - Data Visualization for Your LCAP Community Engagement
Data visualization is an aspect of analytics that can help your stakeholders understand the challenges, opportunities and strategies that you are pursuing through your budget. To see how your district can create the headlines to effectively communicate its story, watch the webinar presented by CASBO Premier Partner Forecast5 Analytics, and listen in as CEO Mike English walks you through analytics that incorporate trend and benchmark comparisons and a statistical approach to finding budgetary outliers.
Webinar 3/21/2018

Stifel - 2017 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act Summary & Other 2017 Legislation Impacting Facilities Financing for California K-12 School Districts
In 2017 there were several California legislative actions, as well as the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed by President Trump, that have immediate unintended consequences on school facilities financing for California K-12 school districts. One thing’s for sure: it’s complicated. To be sure your district is informed and playing by the new rules, watch the webinar presented by CASBO Premier Plus Partner Stifel, and listen in as Managing Director John Baracy and Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth Attorney Carlos Villafuerte unpack all the new laws.
Webinar 2/13/2018

ForeFront Power - Clean Energy for Schools: Planning for Success
There are myriad options for clean energy adoption; and the recent growth in energy storage adoption, driven by lower prices and more effective software to drive energy savings, is enticing for school districts. While it can be difficult to navigate which solutions are best for your district, the goals across all options are relatively straightforward and similar. Whether on-site or off-site, clean energy adoption should help your district save money and offer a path to meet its sustainability goals. CASBO Premier Partner ForeFront Power invites you to watch a recorded webinar on this topic. If your district wants strategies for maximizing project success and reducing risk, listen in as ForeFront Power Sales Manager Brian Taylor shares the lessons they've learned from recent projects.
Webinar 12/18/2017

TerraVerde Energy - Greening the Grid: How Schools Can Participate in the New Revenues Coming From California's Grid Transformation
Modernizing California's energy grid to handle new demands for clean, renewable energy could cost up to $150 billion over the next 10 years, and that's just for the traditional "wires and poles" approach. But there are better non-wire alternatives that have the added advantage of generating revenue. CASBO Strategic Alliance Partner TerraVerde Energy invites you to watch its recorded webinar on this topic. If your district wants to participate in this emerging market — and be fairly compensated for it! — listen in as TerraVerde President Rick Brown, Ph.D., explains recent developments in California's grid transformation.
Webinar 12/5/2017

Dannis Woliver Kelley - Parcel Taxes: From Outreach to Oversight
With increasing focus on local control of education funding in California, parcel taxes are becoming a more important part of many school and community college district budgets. CASBO Premier Partner Dannis Woliver Kelley invites you to watch its recorded webinar on this topic. Listen as William B. Tunick discusses parcel taxes and their requirements, and see how they can be a useful tool for your district.
Webinar 11/14/2017

TerraVerde Energy & Lozano Smith - Clean Energy: What's Next?
Rapidly changing policy and market conditions are presenting new opportunities for school districts that want to control energy or transportation costs or improve their sustainability profile. CASBO Strategic Alliance Partner TerraVerde Energy and Premier Partner Lozano Smith invite you to watch their recorded webinar on this topic. If you want to see what's next in clean energy strategies, hear TerraVerde President Rick Brown, Ph.D., and Lozano Smith Partner Kelly Rem discuss recent changes in how solar energy is credited by traditional utilities and the growing number of community choice energy agencies.
Webinar 11/7/2017

Lozano Smith - Developer Fees (Part 2): A Deeper Dive Into the Law and Recent Developments
Due to the level of interest received in Part 1 of their webinar, attorneys from CASBO Premier Partner Lozano Smith take a deeper dive into this issue and address more of the questions raised on the topic of collection and use of developer fees.
Webinar 11/1/2017

TerraVerde Energy - How's That Solar Project Working Out for You?
When properly monitored and maintained, solar projects perform extremely well, producing the energy and cost savings that customers were promised by their solar providers. But some districts have had issues arise on solar facility projects due to problems that occurred because the facilities were built without any comprehensive plan for ongoing management. CASBO Strategic Alliance Partner TerraVerde Energy invites you to watch its recorded webinar on this topic. If your district has a solar project, hear TerraVerde President Rick Brown, Ph.D., explain how you can determine if your district is implementing best practices that can prevent problems!
Webinar 9/26/2017

Lozano Smith - Developer Fees (Part 1): An Overview of the Law and Recent Developments
With development on the rise, many school districts are struggling to provide adequate housing for the new students generated by such development. School districts imposing developer fees to address these effects must be familiar with the legal requirements and procedures for doing so. In this webinar, attorneys from CASBO Premiere Partner Lozano Smith discuss this issue to provide you with an overview of requirements and procedures for imposing developer fees at a time when development is on the uptick.
Webinar 9/19/2017

Lozano Smith - The Impact of Marijuana Legalization on Schools: Proposition 64
On November 8, 2016, California voters passed Prop. 64, legalizing recreational marijuana use for those 21 years old and older. This raises many issues for public agencies responsible for school and child safety. CASBO Premier Partner Lozano Smith is working with school districts to address these issues and presents a webinar that provides an understanding of the difference between medical and recreational use of marijuana, as well as the effect Prop. 64 will have on schools.
Webinar 5/31/2017

Development Group, Inc.: Your Network Security Will Bite You – and Sooner Thank You Think
Hear a non-technical, business-relevant discussion around the importance of addressing district network security with an architectural approach, and see how your district leadership is key to the process. CASBO Premier Partner Development Group, Inc., invites you to watch its recorded webinar on this topic. Listen as Vice President Jason Eatmon presents the fifth and last webinar in a series on K-12 information technology.
Webinar 5/17/2017

Forecast5 Analytics - Forecasting and Communicating CalSTRS & CalPERS Cost Increases
Planning for employer pension contributions and creating insights and analytics to communicate their future effects on your district will be paramount. CASBO Premier Partner Forecast5 Analytics invites you to watch its recorded webinar on this topic. Listen as Forecast5 Senior Analytics Advisors discuss how to evaluate the sensitivity of coming pension increases and potential salary changes in your model to determine the effect they will have over a period of time.
Webinar 5/16/2017

Development Group, Inc. - Preparing for the Shift to the Technology-Dependent Classroom
Learn about classroom design that accommodates a more flexible learning environment and how this shift might affect your organization in areas like IT support, facilities, maintenance and instructional design. CASBO Premier Partner Development Group, Inc., invites you to watch its recorded webinar on this topic. Listen as Education Business Advisor Joe Jenkins presents the fourth webinar in a series on K-12 information technology.
Webinar 5/10/2017

Forecast5 Analytics - Financial Forecasting and Smarter Multi-Year Projections
Beyond being a regulatory requirement, a well-executed multi-year projection can serve as a budgetary and strategic roadmap for your district. Focusing on the best uses of analytics to drive new financial insights and increase the accuracy of your projections will be key. CASBO Premier Partner Forecast5 Analytics invites you to watch its recorded webinar on this topic. Listen as Forecast5 Senior Analytics Advisors discuss the best visualization methods to develop insights and strategies that can be incorporated directly into your budget and multi-year forecast.
Webinar 4/18/2017

Dannis Woliver Kelley - Public Disclosure of Private Communications: The CPRA Expands to Private Accounts
District officials use email and text messages every day to communicate about district business. Do you know if your electronic communications are subject to disclosure under the California Public Records Act (CPRA)? CASBO Premier Partner Dannis Woliver Kelley invites you to watch its recorded webinar on this topic. Listen as William B. Tunick and Reid D. Shannon give you an in-depth look into this recent court decision affecting CPRA disclosures.
Webinar 4/4/2017

Development Group, Inc. - Meaningful Bond Project Execution: Don't Throw Away Your Shot
Learn how to align your technology planning with district objectives and the desired outcomes associated with your bond. CASBO Premier Partner Development Group, Inc., invites you to watch its recorded webinar on this topic. Listen as Vice President Jason Eatmon presents the third webinar in a series on K-12 information technology.
Webinar 3/30/2017

Development Group, Inc. - Why Does the Cloud Matter?
Get a better understanding of cloud technology so that you'll know what to focus on as your organization goes through this transformation. CASBO Premier Partner Development Group, Inc., invites you to watch its recorded webinar on this topic. Listen as Vice President Jason Eatmon presents the second webinar in a series on K-12 information technology.
Webinar 3/29/2017

Development Group, Inc. - Establishing IT Relevancy
Explore how and why your educational IT department must become more relevant in its contributions to your organization. CASBO Premier Partner Development Group, Inc., invites you to watch its recorded webinar on this topic. Listen as Vice President Jason Eatmon presents the first webinar in a series on K-12 information technology.
Webinar 3/22/2017

Forecast5 Analytics - Analytics for Budgeting and LCAP Community Engagement
Data visualization is an aspect of analytics that can provide distinct advantages for your district leadership team. The analytic output can be used to effectively “tell the district’s story” and increase community engagement and buy-in. CASBO Premier Partner Forecast5 Analytics invites you to watch its recorded webinar on this topic. Listen as Mike English discusses the best visualization methods to develop insights and strategies that can be incorporated directly into your budget and multi-year forecast.
Webinar 3/8/2017

Forecast5 Analytics - Compensation Trends and Collective Bargaining With Analytics
Compensation trends are constantly changing in today’s landscape. Now more than ever, you want every advantage when making strategic decisions in how you attack collective bargaining. CASBO Premier Partner Forecast5 Analytics invites you to watch its recorded webinar on this topic. Listen as Mike English helps you gain insight into the world of analytics in the education sector.
Webinar 2/21/2017

Dannis Woliver Kelley - You Passed Your Bond - Now What?
It’s time to turn the excitement and promise of your successful bond measure into reality! You feel the pressure of the supportive voters, who expect good things to happen fast, but you also don’t want to make mistakes and face embarrassment and disappointment. Here, attorneys from Dannis Woliver Kelley give you a better understanding of how to address real-world scenarios involving new construction programs. Listen as Mark Kelley and Deidree Sakai set you on the right course, showing you what you must do, what you should do, and even what you can’t do, with respect to your bond program.
Webinar 1/11/2017

Terra Verde - Is It Time to Buy Out Your Solar PPA?
Many schools who entered into solar power purchase agreements (PPAs) between 2006 and 2012 may have the opportunity to buy out their contracts now or within the next couple of years. Determining the value of such a buyout versus continuing with the contract requires consideration of multiple engineering, finance and legal factors. If your district is considering whether or not to buy out its PPA, hear TerraVerde President Rick Brown, Ph.D., explain the pros and cons of a PPA buyout and discuss the issues you should consider when making the decision on which path to take. Afterwards, CASBO members may take advantage of a complimentary offer from Terra Verde for a one-hour consultation.
Webinar 11/15/2016

Dannis Woliver Kelley - Avoiding Pitfalls During Election Season
As each election season approaches, districts and their staff are faced with a myriad of questions regarding campaign and election activity. Here, attorneys from Dannis Woliver Kelley provide a review of the basic rules surrounding the use of district resources and facilities for election or campaign purposes and the effects of campaign contributions. Listen as Shareholders Janet L. Mueller and William B. Tunick draw on real-world scenarios, which arose from questions posed by districts in past election cycles, to explore both the legal and political concerns raised by these issues.
Webinar 10/12/2016

Terra Verde - Battery Project Financial Asset Management: How to Get Promised Demand Charge Savings
If your district has, or is considering installing, a solar energy system, please join TerraVerde President Rick Brown, Ph.D., for an informative webinar that will explain how you can increase savings by adding battery storage to offset consumption and demand. Afterwards, CASBO members may take advantage of a complimentary offer from TerraVerde for a Battery Storage Project Financial Feasibility Analysis!
Webinar 9/27/2016

Lozano Smith - Going Green: Procuring and Managing Solar and Environmental Projects
With Prop. 39 funding available and incentives on solar installations, more school districts are considering contracts for energy efficient improvements. This webinar will give you an overview of energy projects in California, outline the legal parameters of Prop. 39 contracts and provide you with an understanding of the key issues raised in procuring and managing solar and energy efficiency projects.
Webinar 3/7/2016

Lozano Smith - The Legal Intersection of Students and Technology: Student Rights, Discipline & Legislation
The issues that arise with regard to student discipline for online and other technology-based activities are complicated and fact-specific. This presentation examines the big issues and questions that must be understood to successfully address these situations, with a focus on student rights, recent legislation and litigation.
Webinar 3/7/2016

SI&A - Your LCAP goals have been defined and your funds have been allocated – what now to meet those goals?
This session will focus on the principles required to improve in anything: Leadership, Process, Measurement, and Oversight. We will discuss and share what districts are doing to successfully measure district goals of gains in attendance, improving student outcomes and increasing parent engagement through data. As Daniel Keys Moran says, “You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.”
Webinar 10/30/2015

SI&A - Good Governance & Risk Management: Mandates, the rest of the story 
Please join David Flores, Chief Business Official, Shasta Union High School District and Tony Shirvanian, Operations Manager - Program Advisor, SI&A, to hear strategies for creating a defensible position and how to keep the revenue flowing for your district.
Webinar 12/15/2015

SI&A - Your LCAP goals have been defined and your funds have been allocated – what now to meet those goals?
This session will focus on the principles required to improve in anything: Leadership, Process, Measurement, and Oversight. We will discuss and share what districts are doing to successfully measure district goals of gains in attendance, improving student outcomes and increasing parent engagement through data. As Daniel Keys Moran says, “You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.”
Webinar 10/30/2015

Lozano Smith: How To Bid That Project: A Refresher on Public Works Bidding in the Post-Davis Era
With lease-leaseback delivery under a cloud of controversy, school districts are now revisiting traditional construction delivery methods. This session provides a refresher on the basics of bidding a public works project from preparing the bid through handling bid protests. This is a streamlined presentation that is action-packed with legislative and legal updates, delivered in a high-level, 50-minute overview.
Webinar 10/28/2015

Lozano Smith: Five Steps Towards a Successful Construction Project
Find out key details for five of the most important phases of any school district construction project. This video covers the following topics:

  • Project delivery methods
  • Prequalification
  • Department of Industrial Relations
  • Documenting your Project
  • Preparing for Project Close-Out

Video 7/16/2015

TerraVerde: Proposition 39 Measurement and Verification: Preparing Reports That Add Value
Twelve to fifteen months after Proposition 39 funded projects are completed, submittal of a project completion report is required. Some Districts are using this reporting requirement as an opportunity to build and establish a more comprehensive approach to effectively manage their energy operating and maintenance costs and long-term capital expenditures. This webinar presents best practices in energy asset management; including real-time monitoring of energy usage and costs, corrective and preventive maintenance scheduling and tracking; warranty enforcement and capital planning. 
Webinar 10/27/2015

TerraVerde: Joint Procurement Strategies for Prop 39: Using Economies of Scale to Get Best Pricing  
Prop 39 projects are hitting the market, and in many locations the supply of qualified contractors doesn’t match demand, driving up pricing. Some Districts are joining together to procure construction services in order to achieve economies of scale and secure more favorable pricing. This webinar will explore innovative procurement strategies for obtaining best value in energy project contracting, while complying with Prop 39 no sole-source prohibitions. 
Webinar 10/6/2015

TerraVerde: Battery Storage: Offsetting Rising Demand Charges
Through the California Public Utilities Commission, the state has mandated the widespread deployment of “advanced energy storage,” also known as battery storage, among large commercial energy customers like schools. Significant rebate incentives have been made available, and districts suffering from very high demand charges (in many cases 50 percent of their electricity bills) may want to take advantage of this technology. While the technology itself isn’t new, there are risks that districts should be aware of before jumping in. This webinar will explore some of the benefits, risks and specific ideas on where and how it makes sense to implement battery storage. 
Webinar 6/9/2015

TerraVerde: Policies are Changing: The Time for Solar is Now 
There are many great reasons to go solar, but there are several reasons that make it a particularly advantageous time to go solar now.  All of these reasons relate to important solar incentives that may be changing in the next 18 months; including: solar friendly rate structures that may be going away, new rules governing solar net metering and reductions in federal tax incentives for solar. This webinar will review the potential policy changes and what the key information Districts need to make an informed decision. 
Webinar 5/12/2015

School Services of California, Inc.: SB 799 - Raising the Cap on School Budget Reserves
In our continued efforts to advocate for reform of the budget reserve cap, CASBO Executive Director Molly McGee Hewitt issued a “call to action” to CASBO members to urge their local elected officials to support the passage of SB 799. Hear more about CASBO’s position on this bill in Molly’s interview with Ron Bennett, CEO of School Services of California, Inc., a CASBO Strategic Alliance Partner.
Video August 26, 2015

School Innovations & Achievement: Pathway to Parent Engagement
This video provides a comprehensive introduction to the elements that districts and schools must consider to meet the parental engagement priority as it pertains to the LCAP. Investing just 30 minutes to view this video will put you on the path to compliance with the new law, and, more importantly, to the meaningful inclusion and discourse shown to improve academic outcomes for all students.
Video November 11, 2014

AXA: The Importance of a Retirement Plan
This video provides an overview of the importance of retirement planning. It covers how the 403b financial landscape has evolved since 2007, several studies on investment behaviors, and the issues plan sponsors simply must consider. In just 10 minutes, you’ll be up-to-date on retirement planning.
Video November 11, 2014

Lozano Smith, LLP:  Buying and Building: an Overview of Bidding Requirements and Alternatives
School district purchasing and public works contracting are governed by a complex set of rules for bidding, as well as, an extensive set of alternatives. This session provides an overview of the requirements for bidding and a discussion of available options including piggybacking CMAS and FRPs.  Also includes a discussion of novel purchasing issues, including technology, and the process and advantages of adopting Uniform Cost Accounting for your district.
Webinar September 18, 2014

TerraVerde: Proposition 39 Contracting: Best Practices Webinar
This valuable webinar features TerraVerde's Rick Brown, Ph.D. and Ali Chehrehsaz, PEng, PMP, along with legal expert Kathleen J. McKee from Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost LLP, as they discuss key topics about Proposition 39. You'll learn about the ROI perspective and go deep on all the key issues involved.
Webinar September 9, 2014

ActPoint® KPI: Case Study in the Use of Key Performance Indicators
Faced with a $2 million budget cut, Darin Hargraves, Director of M&O at Anchorage School District, used KPIs and actually cut $2.2 million and increased custodial service levels. He won a national award for his use of KPIs and he has a great story to share with you.
Webinar August 5, 2014 

TerraVerde: Proposition 39 Project Bid Process: Best Practices
Proposition 39 Project Bid Process: Best Practices webinar is one in a series focused on trainings that provide best practices on implementation of energy projects. 
Webinar June 16, 2014

Office DEPOT: K-12 Shift to Digital Considerations

In this informative video, a team of Office DEPOT experts discusses the considerations when shifting to digital in the K-12 sector, with an emphasis on cost, functionality and school district utilization. According to a survey by the Center for Digital Education, "Nearly two-thirds of K-12 district leaders say that creating an integrated learning environment using interoperable technology is a priority." Dramatic changes in recent years have created an urgency to shift to digital, primarily driven by the testing model mandates. This shift requires a major financial obligation during the next two years. Solid decision-making is also a must as districts move forward. In this video, we cover 1:1 and Bring You Own Device (BYOD) programs, along with Internet access at school and beyond. Digital decisions require a collaborative approach involving all stakeholders because the classroom of the future supports blended learning for better student outcomes. Staff professional development is a critical link to ensure the full capabilities of the equipment is utilized.  
Video June 10, 2014

Tandus l Centiva: How and Why to Budget for Deferred Maintenance in the World of LCFF
While it's exciting to hear discussion about learning environments of the future, it's concerning that so many districts have little or no funds to maintain their existing facilities. With deferred maintenance now wrapped up into base grant, maintenance is competing for the same dollars as salaries and programs. As a result, small repairs may not be fixed until they become very expensive repair emergencies. Gain insight from the panel of experts in this video as they discuss the critical role of deferred maintenance in the new world of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) and Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAPs). Find out what impacts poorly maintained facilities can have on a district, hear important suggestions for appropriate funding and learn about the methods available to reduce your district’s deferred maintenance burden.
Video June 10, 2014 

Fagen Friedman Fulfrost LLP:  Form 700: Best Practices and Big Pitfalls
While business practices in the private sector often include generous hosting of clients, regulations in the public sector are much more stringent. In order to uphold the public trust, public officials must be mindful of conflict of interest rules. In this workshop, we will address three elements of the Political Reform Act (PRA): economic (Form 700) disclosure requirements; limitations on gifts; and conflicts of interest/disqualification. Compliance with these three elements of the PRA will help public officials avoid making, participating in or influencing governmental decisions in which they have a financial interest and, help keep them scandal-free.
Video June 10, 2014

TerraVerde: Energy Master Planning and Proposition 39
With the CEC’s recent release of the Proposition 39 Handbook and Application materials, districts and charter schools are finally able to move forward with plans to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in energy conservation and clean energy projects. Some of this planning is focused on how to most effectively gain approval of Proposition 39 allocations, but a number of districts are using this opportunity to develop Energy Master Plans. This video will describe the steps districts can take to develop increased control of their energy costs over the long term. 
Video May 21, 2014

Schneider Electric: Helping School Districts Make the Most of Their Proposition 39 Dollar
Whether your district's focus is maximizing funding, updating technology, hiring much needed additional staff or replacing aging equipment, partnering with an energy services company (ESCO) will help your district mitigate the financial risk and save you time in managing the project. ESCOs seek out additional grants, rebates and incentives to maximize all funding sources available. They can help you communicate the plan to stakeholders and execute efficiently with a local workforce. Finally, you can stop patching problems in your facilities and fix those critical issues once and for all! Schneider Electric partners closely with school districts and handles the details of obtaining your Proposition 39 funds.  
Video May 21, 2014

VALIC: Retirement Income Strategies
A panel of experts from VALIC discusses the critical areas that must be addressed for retirement income success. They include the new retirement realities, the five risks of retirement, essential income planning and retirement planning next steps. The importance of having a written plan and crucial planning actions are also covered in this informative webinar. 
Video May 21, 2014

Christy White Associates Inc.: 2014-15 Audit Trail Map to Statewide Initiatives
Join President Christy White and Audit Principal Heather Daud of Christy White Associates as they discuss the recent changes in the K-12 audit guide for 2013-14 and 2014-15; including: LCFF; LCAP; K-3 GSA; Common Core; and, Proposition 39 Clean Energy Act. 
Video May 21, 2014 

Lozano Smith LLP: The Changing Landscape of Energy Conservation Projects
Prop 39 is injecting new state money into green projects just as California Solar Initiative funds are drying up. This webinar discusses the latest trends in energy conservation projects - including, but not limited to, solar projects – and highlights what your district can do to get ahead of the changing market right now.
Webinar April 2014

ActPoint®KPI:  Key Performance Indicators and Benchmarking: Creating a Climate of Excellence and Accountability for Your District
Learn how to apply key performance indicators (KPI's) to improve your district's performances in finance, operations, HR and IT. Ron Bennett, CEO of School Services of California Inc., describes why ActPoint KPI is a "must have" business intelligence tool for all California CBO;s. Rick Passovoy, CEO of TransACT Communications Inc., provides an engaging demonstration of the system along with real life examples of how ActPoint KPI is used to improve business operations. 
Video Feb. 6, 2014

Lozano Smith LLP: For a Helping Hand, Look at the End of Your Arm: Funding Facilities Locally
CASBO partners with Lozano Smith to examine the pressing issues facing school districts when it comes to facilities and funding. the panel focuses on available sources of funding.
Video Feb. 6, 2014

Virco Inc: IDEAL: Innovative Design for Engaged Attention & Learning
The speakers emphasize the need to find ways to collaborate and share knowledge across disciplines, to be able to make the classrooms of the 21st century ones that will support engaged attention and learning for all children.
Video Feb. 6, 2014

The Horace Mann Companies: Financial Success
We know educators are so busy preparing students for their futures that they sometimes don't have time to think about their own.  This presentation discusses different aspects of financial success, including budgeting, managing credit, protecting assets and saving. 
Video Feb. 6, 2014

TerraVerde & Lozano Smith LLP: Successfully Navigating the Prop 39 Maze Pt. 2
Passed by voters in November 2012, Proposition 39 makes changes to corporate income taxes and provides five years of funding to improve the energy efficiency of California’s aging schools and grow the state’s clean energy economy. Join CASBO’s partners TerraVerde & Lozano Smith discussing the latest application and expenditure plan material and background information released on January 31st! Get oriented on what’s next to come with this Proposition 39 update webinar. 
Webinar Feb. 6, 2014

Dale Scott & Company: Financing K-12 Technology with General Obligation Bonds
Nearly every school district in California is grappling with how to fund educational technology. A handful of districts have used general obligation bonds to provide funding for technology and many others are exploring this alternative. When such GO bond financings are put together correctly, they can provide a district with an ongoing, low-cost source of funding for technology. However, GO bonds must be carefully structured in order to avoid saddling taxpayers with years of debt payments for out-of-date equipment.Presented in a Q & A format, this video will cover the legal and financial issues surrounding this topic. Using a series of graphics, the various methods that have been used to fund technology will be explained and critiqued. 
Video Oct. 24, 2013

Keenan & Associates: Emerging Risks, Trends, and Solutions to Protect your District
Risk in schools has historically focused on accident prevention and property protection--and while those things are still important, the past few years have brought new risk and exposure for our schools. This video provides a discussion of the following list of emerging school district risks and trends, along with the solutions and resources available to protect your district from these serious risks: Campus violence, critical incident response; Bullying/Cyber bullying; Employment Practices Liability (EPL) claims on the increase; Sexual Abuse/Molestation. 
Video Oct. 24, 2013

VALIC: IRS Examination Issues: Latest Guidance and Compliance Duties vs. Fiduciary Duties
Join Bob Architect, Richard Turner and Keith Poch of VALIC Financial Advisors for an interactive discussion and learn how to protect yourself against IRS audits and other 403b plan sponsor issues and concerns. 
Video Oct. 24, 2013

US Communities: Savings and Solutions through Value-Added Cooperative Purchasing
With today’s challenge of meeting higher education standards with smaller budgets and less resources, schools are often looking for a solution to save dollars and time. This 9-minute video discusses a powerful solution that can help schools solve that challenge – cooperative purchasing. U.S. Communities along with Paul Rosencrans, Executive Director of Purchasing with the Fresno Unified School District and Craig Hodges, Vice President of Sales with CleanSource, provide insight on how cooperative purchasing can benefit school’s students, staff and the bottom line. 
Video Oct. 24, 2013

Office DEPOT: Making Your Print Procurement More Efficient
Office DEPOT shares some cost saving strategies that districts like yours have been using to make their print production processes more efficient and significantly reduce their costs. This video discusses the traditional methods for procuring print within a district and the web based solutions to overcome printing challenges. 
Video June 20, 2013

Keenan & Associates: Developing Your Health Care Reform Strategy
With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) coverage provisions in 2014, it is important for school districts to take a strategic, proactive view of their employee health benefits. This 10-minute video identifies the areas districts should be acting on to be prepared for the ACA, avoiding potential financial penalties, and what it will mean for health benefits. 
Video June 20, 2013

Lozano Smith LLP: School Construction Law Update
Current developments in the law profoundly alter the choices available to school districts in financing, planning, and building schools. This session is designed to help participants get out in front of breaking legal issues, including the latest on prequalification and new requirements from the Division of the State Architect. 
Webinar Fall 2013

The Horace Mann Companies: Partners in Education: The Retirement Puzzle
School business officials work hard to provide educators in their districts with an atmosphere in which they can thrive professionally and personally. Many educators find their retirement system puzzling and want to learn more. Horace Mann agents offer CalSTRS and CalPERS workshops to help school employees build financial literacy on their state-specific retirement benefits. Ron Larson takes you through an excerpt from Horace Mann’s CalSTRS workshop, which covers the following topics: Membership, Contributions, Vesting, Benefit factors, Beneficiary, Survivor benefits, Service retirement, Early retirement, and Payment plans. 
Video June 20, 2013

Christy White Associates Inc: 2013-14 Trail Map to Statewide Initiatives
Recent sweeping reform initiatives require careful navigation by district business officials to prudently manage the dollars and avoid potential audit missteps. This video outlines the major initiatives of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), Proposition 30, and Pension Reform and Accounting Standards. In addition, the video provides a primer on state and federal audit guide updates. Succinct information on what busy chief business officials need to know to be prepared for the initiative changes are provided by CASBO Premier Partner Christy White Associates. 
Video June 20, 2013

TerraVerde: Getting Ready for Prop 39/Best Practices in Energy Project Development
TerraVerde, CASBO’s Strategic Alliance Partner for energy advisory services and CASBO Energy Thought Leader presents in this video four key steps school districts can take to prepare for prop 39 funding. Rick Brown and Doug Stoecker discuss in detail Best Practices within each of these four key areas. Without proper preparation districts may not be able to capture all potential funds, nor apply them to the highest return projects, and may face long delays with energy savings. Prop 39 was passed in November 2012 and provides $2.5 billion over the next five years for cost saving energy projects. Follow these four key steps along with the best practices in each area to prepare your district to receive the maximum from this opportunity. 
Video April 26, 2013

Tandus Flooring: Learning Environments of the Future and the Materials that get us there 
"Learning Environments of the Future and the Materials Required to Get Us There.” The video features a roundtable discussion among four experts in the field - William "Bill" Orr, executive director, Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS); Merle J. Kirkley of the Beresford Company; Bill McGuire, superintendent, St. Helena Unified School District; and Drew McAlister, account executive, Tandus Flooring.
Video April 26, 2013

Lozano Smith LLP: Using Your Property and Facilities to Generate Revenue 
Faced with increasing financial pressure over the past decade, school districts have increasingly been turning to their property and facilities as a way to generate revenues. Harold Freiman provides a brief overview of the process for leasing or selling property, and then discusses practical, fiscal and political concerns that are faced by school districts when deciding how property can be used for income. In addition to technical matters regarding surplus property, topics include: • Addressing community concerns • Deciding whether to sell or lease • Market considerations • Inclusion of fields and playgrounds • The role of district staff and of consultants
Video April 26, 2013

Lozano Smith LLP: The Man Behind the Curtain - How Understanding the Private Financing of Public Agency Solar Transactions Can Get You a Better Deal
Many school districts are exploring the possibility of private financing for public agency solar transactions, while others are in the process now. Whether you are contemplating a Power Purchase Agreement or a locally financed project, the details of a financial transaction can make a substantial difference in the type of project you secure and ultimately implement. This presentation outlines the intricacies of private financing related to public solar projects, such as pitfalls to avoid, the possible savings, where the money may come from and long term impacts of agreements.
Webinar Spring 2013

Lozano Smith LLP: Elections 101 - Rules of the Road for Political Campaigns
The November Ballot will include not only choices for President and other individual public offices, but also state tax initiatives and local bond measures. This webinar will provide guidance on the use of district facilities and resources for campaign activities, as well as, what can be done for individual candidate campaigns and local bond measures. Presented by Thomas Gauthier 
Webinar September 18, 2012

AXA Equitable: What is your 403(b) TPA doing for you? Is it enough?
This video is a 30 minute condensed version of the hour long workshop presented live by Ellie Lowder at the 2012 Annual Conference in San Diego. 
Video April 2012

KNN Public Finance: Bond Elections - The Numbers Game
This video explains how the numbers come together for school bond measures. Without getting too complicated, Ruth Alahydoian, Vice President with KNN Public Finance, explains the basics and provides examples of how different assumptions can dramatically alter the bond numbers. 
Video July 23, 2012

Virco Inc: "The Dream Challenge School Series"
In this video segment of "The Dream Challenge School Series,” Zoe Mailloux, Executive Director of Education & Research at Pediatric Therapy Network and Ken Griffith, President of the National Association of Secondary Principals, discuss designing schools for the 21st Century. 
Video June 14, 2012

Keenan & Associates: PACE: Public Agency Coalition Enterprise
In this brief interview, John Scatterday, Keenan’s senior vice president and public agency employee benefits practice leader, provides some insights on the California school budget landscape and what Keenan is doing to assist California K-14 school districts address their healthcare expenditures. 
Video May 8, 2012

Keenan & Associates: SERP: Supplemental Early Retirement Plan
In this brief interview, Steve Gedestad, Keenan’s executive vice president, provides insight into how a school district might use an early retirement incentive plan to help them deal with their budget difficulties. 
Video May 8, 2012

Lozano Smith LLP: Negotiating in a time of Economic Uncertainty
Michael Smith, one of the state’s leading experts and presenters on education law, provides insights into how districts can most successfully negotiate economic reductions with certificated and classified bargaining units. 
Video Apr. 5, 2012

ReLiEF: Employment Practices Liability: Avoiding Harassment and Wrongful Termination Claims
As the largest provider of risk-financing programs and services to California public educational agencies, ReLiEF is committed to driving down losses in our schools and helping to provide a safer place to learn and work. 
Webinar Feb. 28, 2012

SI&A’s O’Connell leads "The Business of Special Ed” webinar
One of the state’s leading experts in special education administration will share critical guidance principles for managing this ever growing component of the school budget. Join Dr. Lee Funk and Mr. O'Connell as they discuss "The Business of Special Ed." 
Video Jan. 10, 2012