Member-to-Member Mentorship: Become a Mentor

As a mentor ...

You’ll be matched with a school business professional seeking assistance or quick tips on a specific project they’re undertaking. You’ll weigh in on best practices and how to proceed; your mentee will benefit from your experience and enlightened perspective.

You’ve been there, done that; now it’s time to impart some knowledge!

Become a Mentor*

*To serve as a mentor, you must have been a CASBO Honorary Life Member; Retiree Member; or Career Builder Member who, for the three years prior to CASBO’s 2017-18 membership restructuring, was a CASBO individual member at the Aspiring Access, Career Accelerator Access, Distinguished Access or Executive Access level. Retiree Members must agree to refrain from promoting consulting services or seeking employment from the mentee or the mentee’s local education agency.