Making Your Print Procurement More Efficient

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Presented by CASBO Premier Plus Partner - Office DEPOT
Lee Scott, Major Accounts Manager - Southern California Region

In this time of fiscal uncertainty and shrinking budgets, school districts continue to seek innovative ways to save money. Many districts are saving upwards of thirty to forty percent by reassessing their print production processes.
Office DEPOT shares some cost saving strategies that districts like yours have been using to make their print production processes more efficient and significantly reduce their costs. This video discusses the traditional methods for procuring print within a district and the web based solutions to overcome printing challenges.
To address the upcoming transition to Common Core it is important to understand how it will impact your print needs. Under Common Core we start to see a shift as instructional materials become web based which will mean less printing overall and that’s a good thing. Eventually Common Core will help decrease the amount of printing in a school district and it will become even more important to find a right-sized solution that will stretch your budget dollars.
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For further information please contact:
Andy Kallsen Public Sector, National Account Manager
Office Depot, Copy & Print Depot