Lozano Smith - The Legal Intersection of Students and Technology: Student Rights, Discipline & Legislation

Monday, March 7, 2016

Webinar Presenters:
Thomas R. Manniello and Amanda E. Ruiz, Attorneys, Lozano Smith

Schools are consistently being faced with new factual scenarios that may give rise to student discipline depending on the specific circumstances. The issues that arise with regard to student discipline for online and other technology-based activities are complicated and fact-specific. The Internet, social networking websites, cell phones and new technologies continue to provide opportunities for students to take part in conduct that may violate the Education Code or board policies, as well as disrupt or otherwise affect the educational environment.

This presentation examines the big issues and questions that must be understood to successfully address these situations, with a focus on student rights, recent legislation and litigation. This webinar is part of Lozano Smith’s "Students Webinar Series."