Frequently Asked Questions

Organizational Subscription

  • Who does the subscription cover? 
    • Once an organization has signed up for the CASBO subscription, all business services employees are CASBO members. That means anyone that is looking for professional development under the fifteen disciplines we support here at CASBO. We realize some districts have employees wearing multiple hats. Anyone that has a need for our training, events, workshops or conferences will be included for discounts and benefits.
  • How will discounts work now?
    • All business services employees can receive discounts to CASBO conferences and professional development offerings including:
      • $250 off full-price registration for Annual Conference with an additional $100 off for the Early Bird deadline
      • 20% off Workshops, CBO Bootcamp, CBO Symposium (invitation only) 
      • Unlimited access for all employees to digital CASBO bookstore 
  • How do I join?
    • We have simplified the process to get your organization up and running. Just reach out to us at and your account manager can send the application form, gather key contacts and start communicating with your team. Our account managers will ensure that we have the right contacts at your organization and provide you with the tools you need to share the value and benefits with your organizational employees.

Career Builder Membership

  • Do I need a Career Builder membership if my organization has a subscription? 
    • A Career Builder membership is for those individuals who are employed by a California local education agency (school district, county office of education, etc.), who want to take their career to the next level. You get access to career building webinars and resources, which don’t exist with the organizational subscription.
  • Would I get a conference discount under this membership? 
    • If your employer has an organizational subscription then yes, all employee members will get discounts to CASBO professional development offerings as well as to the Annual Conference (AC). As a Career Builder member without an organizational subscription, you will be eligible for the early bird discount to AC as well as the career membership benefits listed above.