ForeFront Power - Simplifying Solar and Storage Procurement With SPURR - Part I

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Webinar Presenters:
Brian Taylor, Director of Sales-Public Sector, ForeFront Power
Kevin Flanagan, Program Manager, SPURR

State mandates have increasingly made renewable energy and efficiency projects a priority for districts, while federal and state incentive programs are making projects more accessible and affordable. While the goal for reducing carbon emissions through zero net energy facilities is clear, the path to doing so is not. To help you learn more, listen to ForeFront Power Director of Sales-Public Sector Brian Taylor and SPURR Program Manager Kevin Flanagan discuss procurement option pros and cons, how to simplify procurement with the REAP program, and the importance of timing and adopting renewables while the conditions are best to optimize savings.

This was the first in a two-part series presented by ForeFront Power. To watch the second recorded webinar, click the link below:

Simplifying Solar and Storage Procurement With SPURR - Part II | Aug. 7, 2019