Forecast5 Analytics: Financial Forecasting and Smarter Multi-Year Projections

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Webinar Presenter:
Forecast5 Senior Analytic Advisors

One of the most valuable features in a financial projection is the ability to model alternate scenarios. Being able to evaluate the sensitivity of the key variables in your model and determine the level of effect they will have over a period of time is paramount for data-driven decision making. CASBO Premier Partner Forecast5 Analytics invites you to watch its recorded webinar, “Financial Forecasting and Smarter Multi-Year Projections,” which highlights cases where scenario analysis is crucial for forward-looking decisions (such as in collective bargaining) and also demonstrates how to create clear and compelling reports and dashboards. This was the third in a webinar series that Forecast5 is conducting to help you gain insight into the world of analytics in the education sector.