Forecast5 Analytics: Analytics for Budgeting and LCAP Community Engagement

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Webinar Presenter:
CEO/President Mike English

Data visualization is an aspect of analytics that can provide two distinct advantages for your district leadership team: (1) It can generate new financial insights that can be incorporated into your budgeting process; and (2) it can help your stakeholders understand the challenges, opportunities, and strategies that you are pursuing through your budget. In addition to accelerating the production of the budget, the analytic output also can be used to effectively “tell the district’s story” and increase community engagement and buy-in. CASBO Premier Partner Forecast5 Analytics invites you to watch its recorded webinar, “Analytics for Budgeting and LCAP Community Engagement,” which focuses on the best visualization methods to develop insights and strategies that can be incorporated directly into your budget and multi-year forecast. This was the second in a webinar series that Forecast5 is conducting to help you gain insight into the world of analytics in the education sector.