FAQs: CBO Training/Business Executive Leadership Program


Do you have any upcoming programs scheduled?

While we have programs that are in-session now, no new sessions for 2020-21 are open for registration at this time. Check your inbox and this website for announcements when new sessions are added to the schedule.

How often do new sessions begin?

Because classes are offered by volunteer host COEs, a new session can begin whenever a COE determines there is sufficient interest in its county or region. It is not necessary for all COEs to host a session at the same time.

How often do classes meet?

Each host COE establishes a class meeting schedule that best meets the needs of its group. Classes are held once per month and range from four to eight hours, depending on the individual COE's schedule.

Will I have a mentor?

Rather than assign you an individual mentor, we will provide you with a variety of experts and school business professionals from whom you may seek guidance and with whom you may discuss homework assignments throughout the duration of your session.

How do I register?

You can register for the program on our website under Learn > Calendar. The program follows a two-session layout. Depending on the particular session, you may register for both sessions at once; OR you may register for the first session only, with an invitation to register for the second session upon completion of the first session.

How and when do I pay for the program?

You may pay your tuition by credit card at time of registration; or by check or purchase order on the open invoice that is generated through the registration process. Whether you register for both sessions at once OR one session at a time, payment for each session is due prior to its start date. Please Note: Program tuition does not cover your transportation or lodging expenses.

After completing the program, will I automatically earn a CASBO certification?

Completion of both sessions satisfies the 440-hour training requirement for Chief Business Official (CBO) and CBOE Certifications. However, you will not receive a certification automatically — you must apply for certification within one year of completing the program. For more information on applying for this and other CASBO certifications, please visit our Certification web page.