ENGIE Services U.S. - Ahead of the Curve: Climate Change Solutions and Strategies

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Webinar Moderator:
John Paul Jewell, Program Manager
Webinar Presenters:
Suzanne Gentilini, Sr. Business Development Manager
Briana Lewis, Sr. Education Manager

As school districts seek to limit their environmental impact and empower their students, solutions and strategies to mitigate climate change and rising utility costs are top-of-mind for many district leaders. To learn more, listen to ENGIE Services U.S. Senior Business Development Manager Suzanne Gentilini and Senior Education Manager Briana Lewis as they discuss how your district can be a leader in resiliency through implementation of energy solutions and strategies, as well as how to engage your students in energy efficient programs that address climate change and STEAM integration possibilities.

This was the second in a two-part series presented by ENGIE Services U.S. To watch the first recorded webinar, click the link below:

Climate Change, Policy Change and Your District | Feb. 27, 2019