Employment Practices Liability: Avoiding Harassment and Wrongful Termination Claims

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ReLiEF is comprised of two independent regionally-based risk sharing programs; Southern California ReLiEF (SCR) & Northern California ReLiEF (NCR). They are both non-profit, member owned and operated California JPAs. Together they currently serve 442 local educational agencies, representing 2 million in average daily attendance (ADA) and $44 billion in total insured values (TIV).

As the largest provider of risk-financing programs and services to California public educational agencies, ReLiEF is committed to driving down losses in our schools and helping to provide a safer place to learn and work. Employment practice liabilities are a significant loss driver within public education and a big problem for all public agencies. ReLiEF members incur, on average, $3,500,000 annually in defending and resolving employment practice liability claims. As part of a larger comprehensive risk management plan, our JPA Management firm, Keenan, recently hosted a webinar with Dennis Walsh, Esq. to discuss how to minimize and possibly avoid these costly claims. This webinar highlights examples of harassment and wrongful termination scenarios, what went wrong and what could have been done to prevent them.

For more information on ReLiEF or how you can mitigate your employment practice liabilities, please contact Leslie Delozier at ldelozier@keenan.com.