The Dream Challenge School Series

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Virco® Mfg. Corporation, the largest manufacturer and supplier of classroom furniture in the United States, has partnered with experts in child development, sensory integration and environmental adaptations for the purpose of enhancing classroom furniture and designs in positive and impactful ways for all children. In this video segment of "The Dream Challenge School Series,” Zoe Mailloux, Executive Director of Education & Research at Pediatric Therapy Network and Ken Griffith, President of the National Association of Secondary Principals, discuss designing schools for the 21st Century.

Highlights three case studies: "Learning at Your Best"

1. Sunset Elementary in Cody, Wyoming – Healthy Movement/rocking chair
Young developing brains require various types of motion to develop important foundational skills for learning. "Healthy" movement refers to safe and accessible opportunities for motion that help everyone feel organized, alert, fit and ready to learn.
2.New school in Greensburg, Kansas – Community builds the state's first LEED Platinum School
This new two-story, 120,000-square-foot facility consolidates grades K-12 in a single campus when town rebuilds after a tornado. The new school replaces the total square footage of all the previous school buildings. Key green features include the extensive use of day-lighting (natural light); heating and cooling handled by geothermal heat pumps; the building is highly insulated; onsite wind turbine meets part of the facility’s electricity needs; and rainwater is transported through the roof lines, stored in cisterns, and used to irrigate the grounds. Furnishings are made in the USA with nontoxic materials.
3.Yukon High School in Yukon, Oklahoma – Community involvement builds new campus
A $92 million dollar bond to build a new high school campus that allows for growth in student population was passed by approximately 80% of the community. Teachers were involved early in the design process to enhance the learning environment.
Parents and adults tend to want children to "sit still." The reality is no one sits without moving for very long, because if we keep our bodies completely inactive, we tend to fall asleep or zone out. Dynamic sitting involves making adjustments to our position for comfort and moving our arms, legs, and body while we are sitting, in order to keep ourselves alert and engaged. Children who have access to healthy movement in the classroom are more likely to stay engaged and to have better attention and behavior.
Learning more about how sensation and movement support positive behavior and engaged learning is a first step.
Sharing that information with educators and administrators is another way to increase awareness about the importance of having options for children in the school environment.
Providing sample furniture or working with local groups such as parent-teacher associations or booster clubs is another way to advocate for change and to increase access to healthy movement for children.
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As a part of Virco’s Healthy Movement promotion they are pleased to release their new micro-site for Healthy Movement!