Development Group, Inc. - Why Does the Cloud Matter?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Webinar Presenter:
Jason Eatmon, Vice President, Development Group, Inc.

This webinar will give district and IT leadership a better understanding of cloud technology in order to know what to focus on while going through this transformation. What is “the cloud,” really? Macroeconomics are requiring that resources be moved to the cloud simply because things that used to be consumed from an on-premise model are making the shift and forcing you to move with them. However, the uncertainty about the cloud is unsettling since it affects secure student data and important applications that are used daily. The trick to getting ahead of it all is to spend time developing a cloud strategy that actually makes sense for your district.

Listen as Jason Eatmon of DGI explains what district leadership should understand and be involved in when it comes to the cloud conversation.