Development Group, Inc. - Establishing IT Relevancy

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Webinar Presenter:
Jason Eatmon, Vice President, Development Group, Inc.

While many districts view their IT departments as cost centers and tactical groups of “firefighters,” they can do so much more than that. A relevant IT team has the capacity to collaborate with your organization’s key stakeholders and create strong relationships with them, allowing for a better understanding of your business objectives and overarching strategies. With a bit of direction and focus, your IT team can become a major asset when it comes to contributing to objectives such as increasing or maintaining compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, Local Control Funding Formula initiatives, campus safety strategies and much more.

Listen as Jason Eatmon of DGI outlines the steps your organization can take to ensure that your IT team is on the right path to delivering large-scale projects that significantly contribute to your organization’s overall success.