CBO Training


As a chief business official, you are called on to manage issues from budgeting to bond funding, and everything in between, not to mention multiple related cross-disciplinary financial functions. You also have the added responsibility of meeting ever-changing school funding laws and mandates to maintain the financial well-being of your district.

To say current and informed, turn to CASBO — the leader in CBO professional development for more than 80 years!

School Business 360 (formerly CBO Boot Camp)
Registration Opens Late Summer 2020
January 14-16, 2021 | Monterey Marriott
School Business 360 is more than just a course — it’s a professional development event that covers all aspects of school business. It's an awesome way for seasoned professionals to drop into the topics and legislation they need to stay up to date ... and for up-and-comers to hone new skills. Get that 360-degree view and become the top-notch leader that your district needs … and your students count on!

CBO Symposium
Registration Opens Late Summer 2020
November 19-21, 2020 | Riverside Convention Center
Our educational program is the premier professional development opportunity for CBOs and executive-level administrators to hear relevant, up-to-the-minute topics in school business. This is a comprehensive two-day program (plus Pre- and Post-Conference sessions) that’s held only once a year. Learn what you need to know to make the best short- and long-term decisions for your schools … and your students! (While Symposium itself is open by invitation only to select LEA leaders, the Pre- and Post-Conferences are open to others working in school business operations. Check the “Who Should Attend” sections in the registration booklet for eligibility.)

CBO Certification Program
Our program supports your ongoing professional development and enhances your short- and long-term career options, opportunities and goals.

Business Executives Leadership Program (CASBO)
We’re proud to serve as the lead agency in this program that includes everything a potential CBO needs to know to ensure success in child nutrition, finance, transportation, risk management, leadership and more!

CBO Mentor Training Program (FCMAT)
The Fiscal Crisis & Management Assistance Team serves as the lead agency for this program that is designed to produce qualified California school district CBOs for the purpose of helping California school districts fill CBO vacancies.