CASBO by Design (Strategic Plan)

For 18 years, CASBO has been dedicated to the organizational planning discipline as a method for guiding the association into a successful future. In 2017, the association is embarking on the fifth such plan, CASBO by Design 2.0. This living, breathing document will guide the association for the next three to five years. The process is grassroots in nature, invigorating in procedure and motivating in outcome. Here you’ll find all you need to know about the process behind CASBO by Design, how you can get involved and why the long-term planning process is part of CASBO’s culture.

Commitment to Planning
- Timeline: Work is currently underway on CASBO by Design, a specific planning road map that will guide the association for the next three to five years. The strategic planning process behind CASBO by Design provides many opportunities for members to share their talent, time and expertise. If you have any questions please email or call Michelle Neto at (916) 447-3783, ext. 2254.

Mission Statement:
As the recognized authority on California school business, CASBO is a member-driven association that promotes ethical values; develops exceptional leaders; advocates for, and supports the needs of, its members; and sets the standard for excellence through top-quality professional development and mentorship, meaningful collaboration and communication, and unparalleled innovation. 
Vision Statement:
CASBO: The foremost authority in school business.

We believe that public education is essential to a free and informed society.
We believe public trust requires personal and professional accountability and responsibility.
We believe that CASBO fosters leaders who model honesty, transparency, respect and integrity.
We believe that our members, their diversity and their contributions are essential to the overall success of the organization.
We believe that CASBO is member-focused and member-driven.
We believe that ongoing professional development promotes personal success and organizational excellence.
We believe that mentoring develops leaders, promotes growth and builds a tradition of success.
We believe that CASBO excels at providing expertise on issues relating to school business.
We believe that through political advocacy and action, we influence policymakers on school business and finance issues for the benefit of public education.
We believe in embracing change while honoring our traditions.
We believe in partnerships that promote student success.
We believe that the innovative use of technology is vital.
We will never lose sight of the value of membership and the importance of our members.
We will embrace diversity.
We will ensure that all members have an opportunity to participate.
We agree that all programs, practices, budgets and decisions must be aligned to the mission of CASBO.
We concur that 100 percent of CASBO leaders at the state, section, council and committee levels must support the mission and vision of CASBO.
We will not allow economic challenges to prevent us from striving for excellence.
Accepted Objectives:

To deliver world-class professional development, leadership development, professional certifications and mentorship opportunities.
To be the recognized leader and the preeminent legislative policy advocate for school business and finance.
To ensure that members recognize the value of membership by active participation and increased use of services.
To double the association’s membership in the next five years.
I. Membership
         We will create and implement quota-driven membership growth and retention initiatives that promote the value of membership, increase participation and enhance the utilization of services.
II. Legislative
         We will aggressively advocate for sound policy on school business and finance issues.
III. Communication
         We will transform and re-imagine CASBO’s communication plans, publications, website, social media and marketing strategies.
IV. Professional Development
         We will provide high quality programs and services that address professional and leadership development, including certifications and mentorships, using a variety of innovative delivery methods.
V. CASBO Leadership
         We will develop and promote exceptional leadership throughout CASBO.