CASBO by Design 2.0 (Strategic Plan)

The organizational planning discipline that guides us into a successful future.

Work is currently underway on our fifth strategic plan, CASBO by Design 2.0, a living, breathing document that will serve as a specific planning road map to guide our association for the next three to five years.

The strategic planning process behind CASBO by Design 2.0 provides many opportunities for members to share their talent, time and expertise.

It's a process that's grassroots in nature, invigorating in procedure and motivating in outcome!

  • Strategic Plan Statement for 2017-2020: View the board-approved document that sets forth our mission and vision, core beliefs, parameters, objectives, and strategies.
  • Commitment to Planning: Learn all you need to know about the process behind CASBO by Design 2.0, how you can get involved and why the long-term planning process is part of CASBO’s culture!


Need assistance with CASBO by Design 2.0?

Michelle Neto

Director, Governance & Leadership
(916) 504-2254