CASBO Code of Ethics

The standards we maintain to guide our membership and ensure the reputation of our organization is upheld and enhanced at all times.

CASBO believes in the worth and dignity of all members and accepts the responsibility to embody the highest professional and ethical standards. CASBO recognizes the importance of integrity, devotion to excellence and equal participation opportunities for all members of the organization.

CASBO’s code of ethics is a set of ideals to clarify organizational standards, and members are expected to honor and follow normal professional standards of conduct in all areas of CASBO activities to ensure that the organization serves the needs of California public education. Members are to act as trustees of the organization and promote goodwill for all those associated with the organization. Honesty and integrity will be the guiding force of all members.

CASBO’s code of ethics is intended to provide a framework for ethical decision-making, as no policy can provide specific guidance for all situations. It does not embody the totality of CASBO’s ethical standards, nor does it answer every ethical question or issue that might arise. It is one element of a broader effort to create and maintain a quality organization that gives ethical conduct the highest priority while cultivating a culture of accountability and transparency. This policy will be reviewed periodically.

As part of their commitment to the school business profession and to CASBO, members will practice the following guiding principles:

  • Members shall serve the organization as a whole, putting the needs of the entire membership first.
  • Members shall act in a professional manner, in all activities, with all members, at all times.
  • Members will provide for and encourage participation in all CASBO activities and programs without discrimination or harassment, providing equitable treatment for all members.
  • Members shall not misrepresent their own professional qualifications.
  • Members shall not tolerate another member’s acting in an unethical manner and shall work with CASBO leadership to correct any such actions.
  • Members shall conduct all activities in accordance with the CASBO Bylaws and Manual of Procedures (MOP) to ensure continuity for the organization and its members.
  • Members have an obligation to support the profession and organization and to not misrepresent CASBO in public discussion.
  • Members may have access to confidential information in the course of their volunteer activities, all of which is to remain confidential and shall be disseminated in accordance with the CASBO Bylaws and MOP.
  • Members shall uphold all state and federal laws, as well as their individual local education agency policies and procedures.
  • Members shall strive for excellence and innovation to enhance the organization for current and future members.
  • Members shall network and support other members by sharing best business practices to ensure the success and growth of all members.