California School Business News - June 7, 2016

California Association of School Business Officials | June 7, 2016
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CASBO Insights
Planning in the Works for 2016 CASBO Leadership Forum
Last year, 142 member-leaders joined CASBO staff for Camp CASBO “The Leader’s Journey” in Newport Beach, California. The event brought together the leadership of our sections, professional councils, standing committees, task forces and board of directors. The group spent time reviewing CASBO objectives, participating in professional development and planning for our exciting future. More
Know Your Goldfish!
In the 1970s, there was a booklet that you could get at any pet store called “Know Your Goldfish.” It was meant as the definitive guide for new goldfish owners, full of everything you needed to know about your new fish friends. When I hear about someone wanting to learn something new, that pops in my head. More
CASBO Partner to Host Title IX Compliance Webinar
CASBO Premier Plus Partner Keenan & Associates, in collaboration with Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo, will present a free webinar next week concerning compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments in the wake of a recent joint guidance issued to all public schools to provide equal access to transgender students to all educational programs and activities. More
CASBO Partner Announces 2016 Achievement℠ Scholarship Winners
AXA, a CASBO Premier Partner, recently announced the recipients of its 2016 AXA Achievement Scholarship. The winners are ambitious and talented students who have demonstrated exemplary leadership skills and a commitment to make a positive contribution. More
School Business News
New Research Informs Bullying Response
The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine recently found that zero-tolerance programs that suspend students who bully are not effective and should be discontinued. What does work to reduce bullying are other approaches, including schoolwide positive behavioral interventions and supports. These approaches are more effective, researchers found. More
Salad Bar Grants Available
Districts pondering whether or not to provide a salad bar for their students should consider applying for funding through Let's Move Salad Bars to Schools, an initiative which donates salad bars to schools via a grant program so that "every student across our nation has access to fresh fruits and vegetables." More
Protections for Transgender Students Apply on Buses
The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights and the Department of Justice recently cautioned school districts and, as an extension, student transporters that they must adhere to Title IX rules that prohibit discrimination based on gender when students identify as a different sex from the one they were assigned at birth. More
More Teachers Using Technology
From tablets and smartboards to personalized lessons and video games, digital tools are changing the way teachers teach and students learn. But how many teachers are actually using ed tech and what difference does its effective use make for students? More
Icebergs Ahead! How to Steer Around Career Obstacles Hidden in Your Personality
Do you ever feel like your career is on the Titanic? Most of us at some point have overreacted to an event, a decision or an outcome despite how logic says we should behave. Those moments are what Dr. Karen Reivich and Dr. Andrew Shatté call “icebergs” — an underlying, deeply held belief about how the world ought to operate. More
6 Surprising Benefits of Motorcycle Riding
Looking for a little adventure? Something new to explore? Then head out on the highway! Dr. Pamela Reilly suggests taking up motorcycle riding. Rather than jumping on the “they’re so dangerous” bandwagon, Reilly believes it's a good form of low-impact exercise. More
Clutter: Friend or Foe?
When stuff is covering every flat surface in your house, when laundry is in baskets and not drawers, when unfinished chores smack you in the face every time you walk into a room, it’s natural to feel bad about yourself, too. At least that’s what researchers at UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives and Families discovered: clutter has a profound effect on our mood and self-esteem. More

Celebrations ... We Need More!
June historically has been a month of celebrations for school people. We have awards ceremonies, promotions, graduations, commencements and retirements. From kindergarten to college, we celebrate the successful completion of one milestone and the start of a new adventure. More

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