Bond Elections - The Numbers Game

Monday, July 23, 2012

Presented by Ruth Alahydoian, Vice President with KNN Public Finance
This video pulls aside the wizard’s curtain to explain how the numbers come together for school bond measures. The relationship between the bond amount and taxes is direct, yet convoluted. Without getting too complicated, Ruth Alahydoian, Vice President with KNN Public Finance, explains the basics and provides examples of how different assumptions can dramatically alter the bond numbers. With the heightened scrutiny on bond measures from the press and from voters, it is critical that school officials understand their bond numbers and that the numbers are built on sound assumptions. The process is part strategy, part number-crunching, and part politics. Prepare yourself before getting into the game.
KNN Public Finance, a division of Zions First National Bank ("KNN”) has been serving schools and other public agencies in California for over 30 years. Based in Oakland, KNN’s 15 professionals have extensive experience providing a full range of financial advisory services to California education clients, including debt policies and best practices, taxable and tax-exempt bond transactions, short term financings and leases, to name a few. For clients considering a bond measure, KNN provides alternate financing options, balancing the tax threshold acceptable to voters and the financial needs of the District. The fiduciary responsibility of a financial advisor differentiates KNN’s role from others in a financing and allows KNN to work as an extension of staff. 

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