2013-14 Trail Map to Statewide Initiatives

Thursday, June 20, 2013

CASBO Premier Partner
Presented by Christy White, President of Christy White Associates (CWA) and CWA’s Executive Director of Consulting Services and former CBO, Randie Allen.
Recent sweeping reform initiatives require careful navigation by district business officials to prudently manage the dollars and avoid potential audit missteps. This video outlines the major initiatives of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), Proposition 30, and Pension Reform and Accounting Standards. In addition, the video provides a primer on state and federal audit guide updates. Succinct information on what busy chief business officials need to know to be prepared for the initiative changes are provided by CASBO Premier Partner Christy White Associates.
Christy White Associates (CWA) is a California based CPA firm providing audit and consulting services to K-14 local educational agencies from three offices located in Northern and Southern California. Founded and led by Christy White, with 27 years of school district audit and consulting experience, Christy is joined by four partners and 25 professional staff. Known as being friendly, professional and client issues sensitive, CWA continues to add to their ‘family’ as their client base grows. Visit their web site at www.christywhite.com.
SPECIAL OFFER: Christy White Associates will offer 10% off in-house training on topics such as state budget updates, ASB accounting, attendance accounting and audit readiness.
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