We are pleased to announce the appointment of our next CASBO Southern Section State Director, Keith Butler, chief business official for the Torrance Unified School District. Congratulations, Keith!

Keith has been involved in CASBO for more than 11 years, including serving as president of the San Diego/Imperial Section Board of Directors and a previous turn as the San Diego/Imperial Section State Director, so he already is experienced in this role! He is also the current facilitator of CASBO’s CBO Morning Roundtable, held on the first and third Fridays of each month. (Learn more about Keith.)

Keith volunteered to serve out the remaining term of the previous director, Thomas Tan, who had to vacate the post due to his recent change in CASBO regional sections. His term of service begins immediately and extends through the close of our Annual Conference in 2024 (Palm Springs). We wish him well in his new leadership position.

Thank you, Keith, for your willingness to step into this role and carry your section through this transition. We’re happy to have you back as a member of the CASBO board!